8 offbeat activities to do in Goa

Congratulations! You must be wondering why I congratulated you! Well, because I know how the Goa plan works. You keep on planning for ages with your friends and at last to your disappointment, it gets canceled. So, if you finally have packed your bags already to explore Goa, it’s time to celebrate. If you are […]

5 Exotic Beaches of Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island is Canada’s smallest province with 231 minor islands. That’s an impressive number. It is even more remarkable to know that the entire island only has about 680 miles of shoreline. September is the best time suggested by visitors to put your feet on these islands. While few travelers prefer summer time to […]

Jazz & Blues Festival at Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island is one of the four Atlantic Canadian province. It is Canada’s smallest yet the most popular among the music lovers. PEI has created its own identity by the famous Jazz And Blues Festival. Prince Edward Island’s Jazz and Blues Festival features musical artists from all across the Canada. The festival offers a […]

7 beautiful places to visit in Prince Edward Island

Every travel destination has its own places to be visited. For Prince Edward Island, it’s just get OUTSIDE! Prince Edward Island is one of the four Atlantic Canadian province. It is Canada’s smallest yet one of its loveliest and the least populous province with just 140,000 people. Prince Edward Island is known for its mesmerizing […]

Cavendish Beach Festival at PEI

Prince Edward Island is one of the three Maritime Provinces of Canada and is the smallest province in both land area and population. However, it is a picturesque location of Canada. There are numerous festivals celebrated at PEI but the most popular among them is the Jazz and Blues Festival. History The Cavendish Beach Music […]

Prince Edward Island – The unexplored Islands of Canada

Are you venturing to Canada for the first time? Where should you go to get a glimpse of all that Canada has to offer? Well, let me tell you, Canada is a vast country with much to offer. But if you are a beach person and are looking for some picturesque oceans, look no further. […]

Weekend Trips You Can Do From Rajkot

Rajkot is a popular tourist destination situated in the vibrant state of Gujarat. The city is located on the banks of river Aji and Nyari, around 245 kilometers from the capital city of Gandhinagar. The city attracts millions of tourists for its various cultural and scenic tourist attractions. The city is centrally located and provides […]

Weekend Trips You Can Do From Vadodara

Vadodara is the third most-populated city of Gujarat after Ahmedabad and Surat. Vadodara or Baroda is situated on the banks of the Vishwamitri, names after Rishi Vishwamitra. Vadodara is acclaimed for its palaces, parks, sanctuaries and galleries. Vadodara is number one modern city of Gujarat and is additionally called as ‘Sanskari Nagari (cultured city)‘ for […]

Weekend Trips You Can Do From Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is the financial capital of Gujarat and is a standout amongst the most imperative urban areas in Western India. As a city, Ahmedabad runs over an unpredictable mix of the old and new. A clamouring city with rich pre-Mughal legacy, Ahmedabad prides itself by serving the absolute most scrumptious dishes on the planet by […]