Bhujiyo Kotho-Place Built By Royals Jamnagar

A place specially built by royals for protection of the City of Jamnagar with equal height and circumference. Bhujiyo kotho which is now damaged but it gives some insight of past days of princely rule and war by having place for guns at all directions to protect the city from any kind of invasion. That’s Jamnagar for you!

I remember my friend in college, was from Jamnagar in North Gujarat, who invited us one day, to his native during holidays. Since we had some time before exams, we decided to have a look at his place. We decided to go at starting of a long weekend and come after 3 days for our exam preparation. (Please make proper introduction as asked before)

We reached early in morning to Jamnagar at my friend’s place. After some rest, we went out to explore the place.  We had got to know some history of Jamnagar from our friend. The history of Jamnagar goes back to 1920’s, when the King Shri Ranjitsinh Jadeja built the city known as Nawanagar then. The city was founded by King Jam Rava Jadeja in year 1540’s. It is approx about 300 km from Ahmadabad. The city is known for its historical places and palaces.

The City of Jamnagar houses the famous Reliance Industries oil refinery, and Essar Oil Refinery. That is why it is called as oil city of India.  We saw many natural sanctuaries and parks, like Khijadia Bird Sanctuary which have various birds of different species and categories, the famous marine National park which has online casino 42 islands and has marine life in form of coral reefs, mangroves, dolphins, porpoises, turtles and fishes.

The Princely state cannot be left behind without visiting Darbargadh Palace and Lakhota fort. The palace was the royal residence of kings of Jamnagar, adorned with European Architecture, wall paintings, stone carvings and sculptures. We also visited Pratap Vilas palace of the famous king Ranjitsinhji, which is also known for its beautiful architecture. The Ayurveda University was also visited briefly.

We then visited the famous Bhujio Kotho on the Lakhota Lake. It is famous among people visiting Jamnagar for its height and the area of its circumference. We were also attracted to the site. My friend informed us about the place more. The place has 5 floors built for protection during wars and attacks. The 1st floor housed guns placed in each direction to protect. A tank was built on top upper floor for storage of water. My friend asked us not to go any further, as we may injure ourselves due to the damaged structure of Bhujio Kotho, which was damaged in the famous earthquake of Gujarat in 2001

But the walls and openings there gave us a nice view of the whole city and the lake near it. My friend showed us an interesting thing near the bastion. He took us to an old well where he bought up the water by blowing air into the hole of the floor. Wow.

We had to go home back and eat our lunch, as it was nearing 2 pm. We decided to come back the next day, and explore more of these places. Jamnagar is indeed a good place to explore and visit.

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