Enjoy The Colours Of Life At Madhavpur Fair

Madhavpur is a village from about 55 km from Porbandar in Saurasthra in Gujarat. It is located near the sea. Legend has it, that Lord Krishna married his queen Rukmani at this venue. The famous Madhavpur Fair is held every year at month of March or April.

The madhavpur Fair is held every year as said for 5 days from day of Ram Naomi-the birthday of Lord Ram. This fair is dedicated to Lord Krishna’s marriage to Queen Rukmani.

The fair begins with a decorated chariot and Idol of Lord Krishna on it. A procession begins, which goes in all parts of the village, with people celebrating and throwing colors at each other.

The Gujarat government helps tourists visiting the fair by helping to provide necessary transports to/from the fair location to important locations of Gujarat.

The major attractions of the fair are the local embroidery and handicrafts which are sold here online casino at affordable prices. These handicrafts are famous all over the world but they are sold here in affordable price for the tourists. People also take advantage of eating the famous Kathiawadi food at the fair. People also visit the sacred place of Shri Vallabhacharya who had given preaching’s on sacred texts at this place.

The major attractions of the fair are the local tribals who again take the opportunity to marry their life partners, in dedication to Lord Krishna marrying his queen.

People are very enthusiastic about this fair, and take part actively even in the harsh Indian summer. The temperature sometimes goes above 41*C at this place. People get knowledge and information of the lifestyle, culture and the drama enacted by the local tribals. Travellers can also visit nearby places like Chorwad beach, the Somnath Mahadev temple, Darbargadh, Porbandar beach and Sudama Temple.


Nearest Railway Station: Jamnagar-Junagadh railway line of the Western Railway.
Nearest Airport: Porbandar airport about 60 kms from the airport.
Road Transport: State transport buses connect to major cities of Gujarat.

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