Madurai- The Cultural Capital of Tamil Nadu


Madurai may have ceased to be the capital city once it was, but still retains the title –“Cultural Capital of Tamilnadu”. One of the oldest inhabited cities in India, any mention about Tamil culture- whether literature, lifestyle, food, heritage or history cannot be complete without mentioning Madurai. Digging deep down the lanes of history, origins […]

Lucknow- The Nawabi Nagri


No, Lucknow is not a city. It is a melting point of various elements forming a culture, be it food, be it poetry, and be it handicraft-sculpture-architecture, in all a mirror of what India is. The former capital of Awadh region and now the capital of the largest state of India, Lucknow has charmed visitors […]

5 Places To Take A Tribal Tour In India!

Tribes are predominant in parts of India like North east belt, Orissa, MP, Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand and are scattered in other parts of the country too. With their share of the population at 8%, they are an integral part of our country. It is no surprise that they have maintained the tradition, culture and prehistoric […]