Tourist Attractions In Salem

If you are intrigued to spend your occasions in a quiet and cool spot, you can come to Salem. The Famous Tamil Poet – Avvaiyar’s origination is Salem. Being the focal piece of Tamil Nadu, it is well known for stainless steel. Tamil Nadu’s fourth biggest city is Salem. The city of Salem is Tamil […]

15 Best Places To Visit In kakinada

India has dependably been known as a place that is known for rich social legacy and no city showcases this superior to anything Kakinada. Kakinada has a great deal of landmarks and strongholds that take one back so as to investigate the magnificence and the rich history with which India is related. The city in […]

Tourist Attractions In Kozhikode

Kozhikode is a delightful city situated in the condition of Kerala close to the Malabar Coast. This spot is otherwise called Calicut and has assumed a critical part in the Indian history. Being a vital point for eastern zest exchange amid the medieval times, it was affectionately called the “City of Spices“.   (Image source: […]

Must See Wonderful Places In Dehradun

When we speak the word Dehradun, there are several things that strikes our mind- picturesque landscape, the cold climate, the calm yet louder clear water spring, the rivers Ganga and Yamuna, the hills, and the tranquility. Well, Dehradun lies in the lap of the doon valley at the foothill of the mighty Himalayas and so […]

Madurai- The Cultural Capital of Tamil Nadu


Madurai may have ceased to be the capital city once it was, but still retains the title –“Cultural Capital of Tamilnadu”. One of the oldest inhabited cities in India, any mention about Tamil culture- whether literature, lifestyle, food, heritage or history cannot be complete without mentioning Madurai. Digging deep down the lanes of history, origins […]

Lucknow- The Nawabi Nagri


No, Lucknow is not a city. It is a melting point of various elements forming a culture, be it food, be it poetry, and be it handicraft-sculpture-architecture, in all a mirror of what India is. The former capital of Awadh region and now the capital of the largest state of India, Lucknow has charmed visitors […]

Hitachi Seaside Park-Japan

 Everyone loves flowers. Women love flowers more than men, for they love creativity and anything that represents nature at its best. It would be wonderful for them to come across a public park that represents many flowers of all types in different colors. One such public park is the famous Hitachi seaside park in Japan. […]