This Multipurpose Travel Jacket is Your Best Travel Companion!

‘A friend in need is a friend indeed’, this adage is not apt just for the animate things. It could be for anything and everything that makes us feel comfortable, available when needed and doesn’t throw tantrums! Well, here I am talking about the newest stir in the market, a cool stylish jacket. A must […]

Kerala : Escapades of a lone traveller

The reason this time around, to travel all the way down to the coast of British access once, could be as medieval as a friend’s wedding. A dear jolly friend marrying his long time sweet heart or the bachelors he had planned on the house boat of allapuzha, after yearlong religious bachelors every night were […]

Chennai : Escapades of a lone traveller

The first of the revolutionary ‘travelling alone’ statement ever made by me to my parents who would, nothing less than freak out on the same. The arguments condensed into me being allowed to travel by myself if I was headed to Chennai my hometown, and staying at a relative’s place. The choice was narrow, but […]

Tirupati In the midst of ‘Seven Hills’: Escapades of a lone traveller

  Have you had the experience of standing right in the middle of the seven hills where you breathe the fresh air with the fragrance of refreshing dew drops that looks mesmerizing on the green leaves? Yes, I have had that one! I am talking about the richest temple in the world. It is on […]