Hajipur – Fastest Growing City Of Bihar

Hajipur is named after the founder Haji Ilyas shah, the king of Bengal who rules from 1345-58 AD. The beauty of rivers like Ganga, Gandak and Narayani have given this place an elegance.   Hajipur is known for the temples and banana production. It is just 10 km from the city of Patna and is […]

Coimbatore – Manchester Of South India

There is a lot more than textiles to experience at Coimbatore, Tamilnadu’s second largest city, a huge cotton production centre & textile hub. The city is aptly known by the sobriquet as Manchester of South India. Fun Fact – Coimbatore supplies about two thirds of India’s requirement of motors and pumps. Historically, Coimbatore was the […]


Vellore is located on the banks of Palar River, in the north-eastern part of Tamilnadu, in close vicinity to the Metro city of Chennai. Vellore has an engaging history and culture owing to the rule of Cholas, Pallavas,and then the medieval Cholan dynasty & Vijayanagar Empire. Flanked by Chennai, about 150 km far, Vellore boasts […]

Culturally Fit Wembley For Indian Travellers

One of the famous place in North West London, Wembley is very famous for the perfect blend of variety of cultures from round the globe. So if you come to visit this place you need to make up your mind with things you want to do when you are actually at the place. The location […]

Select Your Life Partner At Tarnetar Fair

Tarnetar no Melo   I had to go to Rajkot suddenly on an office tour last September. While coming back, I had a day off with me. I heard from elders about the famous Tarnetar fair of Saurasthra which was going on during that time. I told my driver to take my car towards the […]

Palitana-A Famous Shrine of Jainism Near Bhavnagar

Palitana Symbol of Jainism I had been planning to visit Palitana temples-the famous Jain temples, in Bhavnagar from many years. During the summer vacations, I decided to visit Palitana, and called my uncle in Bhavnagar, to inform him of my coming there. He was more than happy to welcome me, and also offered his assistance […]