Nabakalebara – The Celebration of Brahma Paribartan (Soul Transfer)

The word Nabakalebara is mentioned in Shreemad Bhagwad Geeta. It states that like every human being who is subjected to the cycle of life and death, Lord Jagannath too is not beyond that. He too can’t leave the bondage and is the part of the cycle of material being. “…v?s??si j?r??ni yath? vih?ya nav?ni g?h??ti […]

Top Travel Movies to Watch This Season

Who does not like to watch movies? Almost everyone does. And what can be better for regular travelers and backpackers than to watch a travel movie and plan out their next destination? Today, we bring you some of the well-acclaimed movies that will make the travel bug bite you in your holidays. 1.The Beach This […]

Travel Report: Spending Limit of Indian Travellers Abroad to Be Hiked

It looks like the new Indian government is committed to make some changes. As per a report, Indian tourists travelling abroad may be allowed to spend $2,00,000 overseas in a financial year. This is a big hike against the current limit of $75,000 total spending limit in overseas. RBI initiatives According to an official in […]

Travel News- The Usage of Smart Phones by the Travel Industry

Every individual needs a mobile or more necessarily a smartphone in today’s times. It is all the more required when they are planning to travel somewhere or when they are actually travelling. Yodel Mobile, a mobile marketing agency has come up with more interesting stats on how a mobile is used in the travelling sector. […]