Growth of Pot Tourism in USA

If you love traveling and you also love Marijuana, Pot Tourism might just be your thing. This new trend of tourism in USA is now a real thing. As four of the USA states legalizes the selling of recreational cannabis, travelers with a desire to smoke a pot while wandering around would be able to […]

Yosemite National Park!


Yosemite National park is situated in the central eastern region of California (USA) and was included as one of the world heritage sites in 1984. The national park is famous for its grand and spectacular cliffs, streams, splendid glaciers, giant Sequoia groves, surging waterfall, and varicoloured biodiversity. This wonderful work of nature is spread over […]

The Great Smoky Mountains – Home To The Diversified Nature!


The great smoky (or smokies) mountains are situated along the Tennessee–North Carolina border in the south-eastern United States. They are a sub-range of the Appalachian Mountains and form part of the Blue Ridge Physiographic Province (source: Wikipedia). The widespread mountain ranges create an illusion of embracing the horizon, the mist that sets itself on the far away sky […]

Pelican Hill Resort- A Trip to Remember!

Pelican Hill Resort

The gorgeous resort just near the coast is what you expect to spend few days far from the noisy and dusty city. Undoubtedly, the location of the resort offers you the immaculate atmosphere to breathe the beauty of the surroundings. It is only the first time that I have been here and nevertheless looking forward […]

El Camino- The Historical Route!

El Camino- The Historical Route

The well-placed bells along the highway US 101 that marks the distance in miles to the nearest mission, reminds us of the cultural and historical significance of the El Camino road (The King’s Road). The road that was one of the foremost long distance highways in the state of California also has stories and myths […]