Extraordinary Things to Try When You Visit at the Beaches and Swan River in Perth!

Swan River Parth

Perth is blessed with many tourist places which makes it the best part of Western Australia. Especially the beaches and the things to do at the seaside in Perth are always a special treat to the visitors. Plan ahead of your trip and take a note of some extraordinary things that you can try at the beaches in Perth. Have a glance at few of them:


Feed the Little Penguins

Feed the Little Penguins

The Shoalwater Islands Marine Park, a half an hour drive from Perth, is a island with lot of panoramic views to watch. Right from feeding the little penguin at the interactive centre to diving into the sea and enjoying the marine life is extraordinary to try out. You might not get a chance to see the marine life at such a proximity except this place. The entry for this island is free of cost which is another advantage for the visitors.


A Chance to Play Around with Dolphins

A Chance to Play Around with Dolphins

Cruising and sailing all around the sea is the best thing to do to relax and feel the fresh breeze. But what if you were told that you get to see dolphins at the closest? The Sea Kayak, the Penguin Island is the only place where you can dare to boat and have a chance to play around with dolphins and penguins. The dolphins are not often seen, but if you are lucky enough, your dream of watching it in zoom in the water will come true. You can try the same when you visit to Shoalwater Islands in Rockingham.


A Powerful Jet Blast

thrilling jet ride

Do you love to have a speedy ride in the water? If yes, then you would love to try the most thrilling jet ride in the Perth’s Swan River. It’s just a matter of 25 minutes and you are sure to get exhilarated once you get on to this 25 minute jet blast. Sharp turns, spins and power breaks at a speed of 80km/h and 360 degree spins, will take your adventure to next level. Try it if you can achieve a new feat in your life.


Fly Like a Super Hero

Once you are done with the Jet Blast, very next thing to try is fly above the sea. Running on the water and boosting you up in the air at a rapid speed is something which you might not have experienced before. You can really fly like a super hero but before that, you will be given 15 minutes training for the same. Then you can try some extraordinary things on your own on the ride and while jumping. But be careful as trying too much can cause you harm!


Well, this might be quite enough for you to make the best out of  adventurous trip to Perth. But there is lot more in the city to watch. Will be updating about the same  pretty soon!

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