Things You Must Do When You Visit Adelaide!

Adelaide has been ranked as one of the most liveable cities of Australia. And there are plenty of reasons behind it. It is a magical mix of amazing architectural, cultural and historical heritage. Although it is a slow-paced city, it offers plethora of things to do for the travelers from all over the world. If you are adventurous at heart, it might not be the right place for you.


Several people plan getaways at this place and get confused as to what should they be doing during their brief stay at Adelaide. So here are the 5 things you must make the most out of during your visit to Adelaide.


Swim with the dolphins
Adelaide’s shores are blessed with beautiful marine life. You might come across several spices of birds and fish but the dolphins are truly worth the watch. If you are lucky enough, the playful bunch of dolphins might approach your boat. It totally depends on how they are feeling though. The tour guides might take you to the places in the sea where you can spot them quite closely or swim along with them if you like to. For the people who are scared to swim, floating equipment is made available.


Enjoy the Wine at Barossa Valley
When it comes to finding the best wine region in Australia, ‘Barossa Valley’ is one of the names on everyone’s lips. Pertaining to the amount of wine it produces every year, it has been named as an ‘unofficial wine capital’ of Australia. Although wine lovers can find a huge variety of wine flavours out here, Shiraz is a flavour which should not be missed when it comes to tasting wine. The wine connoisseurs often recommend this place and when you are planning to visit Adelaide, it must be on your list. Take a winery tour along the place and enjoy tasting some of the best wines in Australia


Relish Haigh’s Chocolates
If you are chocolate lover and are visiting Adelaide with Children, you must not miss relishing Haigh’s chocolates at the factory. You will love exploring the factory as it boasts of the most delicious and rich chocolates of Australia. Taste some amazing truffles and chocolate bars and have the best time of your lives. Whether you like dark chocolate, a mild one or milk one, there is a chocolate available for every taste. As soon as the tour gets over, you will definitely like to buy some of these chocolates and take them home for yourself. But keep a heavy pocket as you might find these expensive as compared to the ones available at the shops.


Appreciate the art
The art gallery located in South Australia is a perfect place to be if you appreciate art and the artists. The gallery building is a melange of new and old architecture and perfectly depicts the artistic heritage of South Australians. You will be able to find the art carved by the most renowned artists of Australia while you meander through the relaxed exhibition paths of the gallery. In case you have the whole day to yourself, enjoy a cup of coffee at a restaurant style cafe and have a good time discussing about the art and artists.


Gorge at the Gauger Street
Gauger Street is a perfect place for foodies. It has numerous eateries where you can eat to your heart’s content and they are located in the heart of Adelaide city. You might find some of the best restaurants out here; out of which, most of them serve Asian food. But don’t worry, you can also find Italian and French cuisines if that suits your taste buds. So give up to the alluring aroma and gorge some of the best food here.


With all this and many more things to do, the city of Adelaide is undoubtedly one of the best place to be. Don’t miss all the fun as you can easily reach the place with ample amount of travel options available. Happy travelling!