Try These Things on Your Visit to Brisbane! You Will be Amazed!

Whenever travellers visit a place, they want to try out some unique stuff. Tourism Australia has given a tag-line to the country, “There’s nothing like Australia.” The tag suits the country because there are tons of places to visit. As a tourist, if you are looking for some extraordinary things to indulge into with your loved ones, Brisbane is the best option to try. It is situated on the heart of Queensland state on the coastal area. It attracts millions of tourists every year all around the globe. If you want to be one of them, you must surely try the below given things on your trip to Brisbane:


Dare to Stand in Crocodiles’ Land

Australian Zoo, Brisbane zoo

If you love wild life and are adventurous enough, Australian Zoo is an awesome place to be. It is also known as ‘Home of the Crocodile Hunter’. Located at the north of Brisbane, the wild life in the zoo speaks a lot about the animals. If you are daring enough and have guts, you can try to stand in the land of crocodiles when a person is playing with crocodile in a open ground. Not only this, your kids can have fun by feeding the smaller animals like panda, tortoise, wild cats etc. There’s lot more to explore in the zoo. Visit today and find out what’s special about the place.


Get Off the Road and Drive in the River

cityhopper, brisbane

Boating is something which you can try for free. Yes, you heard it right, for free! The CityHopper service gives you a chance to ride all around the Brisbane River for free. You can easily get into the boat at any point of time as there is a ride every 30 min. Several halts on the way let you see few more places in the city. So , one ride and many places to see. Isn’t it absolutely worthy?


Fly and See Brisbane

Blue Skydiving Brisbane

What can be a better option when you can fly above the land instead of travelling all around? Adventure Blue Skydiving gives you a golden chance to fly above 10,000 feet height and enjoy a bird’s eye-view to the city. Everyone knows that it’s quite dangerous but this is the purpose for which you are visiting Brisbane. Isn’t it? Give it a try and fly high in the air to have a lengthiest view of the Queensland’s capital.

Spend Some Time on the Tip of the Island

Amity Point Brisbane

Amity Point is located almost 35 miles from Brisbane and it is considered the best place to be for fishing and safe swimming on the beach. The atmosphere on the seaside is worthy for you to spend some time with your loved ones. The sandy beaches, glistering waters and fishing; all make it a perfect spot to relax for a long time. You can also visit the nearby resorts and spas. As it is located on the tip of the Island people also prefer to reach the spot by taking a boat ride from Brisbane.


Be Sporty at The Gabba

Brisbane Cricket Ground

The Brisbane Cricket Ground which is also known as ‘The Gabba’ can turn out to be electrifying if you are avid fan of cricket. Not only cricket, other games like football, rugby etc are also played on this ground. Get sporty by attending one of the matches on your visit. And this might be the best time to visit the as the ICC World Cup 2015 is on. Support your favourite teams and enjoy the highly tensed atmosphere in the stadium. Other than that, you can also visit the stadium on some special events or shows which are held every month.

Why don’t you try these things on your visit to Brisbane. And if you are already in the city, you must give these a try. Have a safe trip!


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