5 Exotic Beaches of Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island is Canada’s smallest province with 231 minor islands. That’s an impressive number. It is even more remarkable to know that the entire island only has about 680 miles of shoreline. September is the best time suggested by visitors to put your feet on these islands. While few travelers prefer summer time to be the best. If you are planning a trip to PEI, here’s where you should go.

We have chosen 5 exotic beaches of these to appeal the wanderlust in you.

The Singing Sands

Often called the best beach in Canada, the Singing Sands in Basin Head Provincial Park is a nine-mile white sand beach with some of the warmest water in the province. The white sand makes a unique squeaking sound as you press your feet to it. That’s how the beach got its name.

If you are visiting the Singing Sands, you must check out a small bridge to jump off. Definitely not to commit suicide but to dive into a water channel that divides the beach. After a strolling around the beach, you can also visit the Basin Head Fisheries Museum for a look back in time at the history of local fisheries that once dominated the area.

Panmure Island

Panmure Island features one of the most popular white sand beaches on PEI. The sand dunes on the ocean side provide a secluded atmosphere with long stretches of shoreline. There is a vast view of the ocean that makes Panmure Island a beach lover’s haven. There are some tourist agencies that offer tours at the historic Panmure Island Lighthouse. Panmure Island also has a Provincial Park that provides campsites and serviced trailer sites for people interested in exploring the area and enjoying the fabulous beaches surrounding the island.
Cavendish Beach

Cavendish Beach is probably the most popular with several picturesque white and red-sand be. Rent a chair, park it in the red sand, and soak up the sun. Or you can go for a long walk and enjoy beautiful views of the red cliffs. Moreover, you can easily go hiking, cycling, golfing, and perform a number of other outdoor activities.

Amusement parks such as Shining Waters Family Fun Park provide fun and games for the entire family while the Cavendish Boardwalk offers a variety of shopping and eating opportunities. The neighboring National Park offers visitors the chance to relax on one of the many splendid beaches while the Homestead Trail provides countless panoramic shoreline views amidst nature’s quiet splendor. And if you didn’t get your fill of the beach in one day, you can always pitch your tent, relax by a campfire, and set off for round two in the morning.

Greenwich Beach

Greenwich Beach, sits on the edge of the biggest sand dunes in the province — a delicate ecosystem that is extremely uncommon in North America. An extensive trail system The extensive trail system offers approachable hiking and cycling opportunities, a wheelchair accessible loop, a floating boardwalk, and interpretive panelling. You can head on over to Greenwich’s soft, white sand beaches which is a bit less crowded than Cavendish.

Escape into a truly unique landscape, click selfies and go for a photoshoot. You can truly experience a sense of awe and serenity as you take in the towering parabolic dune system and pristine white sand beaches at Greenwich.

Cedar Dunes

Cedar Dunes provincial park is located along the scenic North Cape Coastal Drive in the West Point area. The park provides supervised swimming as well as children’s activities.

What’s new in Cedar Dunes? How about an inn located in a functional lighthouse? You can tour the only inn in Canada that is located in a lighthouse. The West Point Lighthouse also houses a museum displaying artifacts and photographs that document the history of Island lighthouses.

If you are planning to spend your holidays at PEI, here’s a list of islands that you can explore. Hope you enjoy a great vacation!