7 beautiful places to visit in Prince Edward Island

Every travel destination has its own places to be visited. For Prince Edward Island, it’s just get OUTSIDE! Prince Edward Island is one of the four Atlantic Canadian province. It is Canada’s smallest yet one of its loveliest and the least populous province with just 140,000 people. Prince Edward Island is known for its mesmerizing natural beauty, which also includes 800 km of beaches.

It’s geometric location in the Gulf of St. Lawrence has helped it to maintain the pleasantly moderate temperatures. Apart from the relaxing weather, the island’s tranquil beauty and rural charm lies in the gently rolling farmlands, scenic white sand beaches, and eroding red sandstone cliffs.

Here is the list of 7 Must-See Attractions in Prince Edward Island you must consider while planning your summer vacation

1. Prince Edward Island National Park

Prince Edward Island National Park


This northern coastline occupied by the Prince Edward Island National Park really has something for everyone.

For “Anne of Green Gables” enthusiasts, Prince Edward Island National Park is on the top of the list. It occupies much of the island’s central, northern coastline.

It is divided into few sections comprises of beaches, wildlife watching, outdoor activities and historic buildings.

It features seven beautiful beaches and plenty of hiking and cycling trails. The Cavendish area also has plenty of attractions, amusement parks, and golf courses making it a must-see destination for tourists.



Charlottetown – a brimming Victorian era charm, is the capital of Prince Edward Island. It’s streets are lined by the carefully maintained heritage buildings including Beaconsfield Historic House, St. Dunstan’s Basilica and the birthplace of Confederation, Province House National Historic Site of Canada.

Not just the historical sites, Charlottetown is also about the plenty of festivals and special events to check out.

3.Points East Coastal Drive

Points East Coastal Drive


Points East Coastal Drive covers the eastern end of the Island which covers the pristine beaches, parks, rare dune systems, lighthouses and trails culminating with the East Point Lighthouse. Red foxes are a common sight in the area.

Along the drive, there is an Orwell Corner Historic Village which recreates a late nineteenth century setting including a farm, shingle mill, church, store, and community hall. There is also an Elmira Railway Museum displaying the end of the line of the island railway.

4.Basin Head Provincial Park

Basin Head Provincial Park

Basin Head Provincial Park is actually on Points East Coastal Drive but deserves its own entry as an action-packed spot. This squeaky beach is nicknamed as the “Singing sand beach” for when visitors scuffle their feet along the sand they can able to hear the distinct “singing” noise that the sand makes.  There is also Basin Head Fisheries Museum which exhibits the Prince Island’s inshore fishery.

5. Confederation Trail

Confederation Trail


In 1989, when the railways were being abandoned in Prince Edward Island, Islanders noticed an unique opportunity to turn the rails into trails.  The 273 kilometers gravel trail crosses the Island from end to end with smaller trails that branch to Charlottetown, Wood Islands and the Confederation Bridge in Borden.  The trails are flat and well maintained which makes it an easy scenic route for walkers and cyclists of all fitness levels.

Hope this might help you to plan your amazing vacation and make the most of it.