Jazz & Blues Festival at Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island is one of the four Atlantic Canadian province. It is Canada’s smallest yet the most popular among the music lovers. PEI has created its own identity by the famous Jazz And Blues Festival. Prince Edward Island’s Jazz and Blues Festival features musical artists from all across the Canada. The festival offers a series of both ticketed and free concerts, as well as the workshops in historic downtown Charlottetown. Charlottetown is the capital of Prince Edward Island.

The concerts during the Jazz and Blues Festival takes place in a variety of locations, from the big tent  on the waterfront to an historic church and intimate clubs throughout the city. Listeners will be entertained by the best in jazz and blues. In addition to it is a wide variety of other musical styles including soul, R&B, Latin, Indie pop and rock.

“The City of Charlottetown truly believes that arts and culture are the backbone of vibrant and innovative communities, and is committed to the further development and promotion of culturally driven initiatives within our city.”

Jazz & Blues Festival
Jazz & Blues Festival

Charlottetown’s music scene is always happening. Victoria Row, a street mall in downtown Charlottetown has shops, restaurants and the Confederation Centre of the Arts, with its musical based on “Anne of Green Gables – a popular dramatical film of 80s.” But during the first weekend of summer, you can discover what its glory when the small city is infused with the big sounds of Jazz and Blues.

Jazz and Blues music have its own different story. But actually jazz and blues are like siblings who are grown simultaneously. Blues is considered as both a musical form and a music genre, while Jazz is defined as a pure musical art form.

Today, the festival is aiming to attract a wider audience by broadening the definition of jazz and blues for today’s fans.