Prince Edward Island – The unexplored Islands of Canada

Are you venturing to Canada for the first time? Where should you go to get a glimpse of all that Canada has to offer? Well, let me tell you, Canada is a vast country with much to offer. But if you are a beach person and are looking for some picturesque oceans, look no further. Prince Edward Island is all you need to treat yourself with some unexplored beaches.

The province of Prince Edward Island is located in the Gulf of St Lawrence, north of the Nova Scotia peninsula and east of New Brunswick. Get yourself soaked in the splashes of the beautiful beaches at PEI.
Tip-to-Tip tour

It’s not often you can claim bragging rights for driving from one side of a Canadian province to another but you can do so fairly easily on Prince Edward Island. The tip-to-tip tour encourages visitors to take a road trip from the East Point Lighthouse to the North Cape Lighthouse. Moreover, you even get a certificate when you complete your journey!

Green Gables Shore

Those who love the books or the TV miniseries of Anne of Green Gables make their way to Green Gables Shore in pilgrimage-like fashion to visit the sites that pay tribute to their favourite red-haired heroine and her creator, Lucy Maud Montgomery. While Anne may be the principal attraction for many, Green Gables Shore has more beauty in its shore.

This is a spectacular location of Prince Edward Island. It is highly acclaimed for its scenic landscape composed of red sandstone cliffs, white sand beaches and rolling farm fields. PEI National Park is located in the north shore in this area. Cavendish Grove is a lovely recent addition to the Park, featuring walking trails, picnic grounds and a stand of sugar maples. Don’t miss the Greenwich Dunelands Trail in PEI National Park. It is really one of a kind as you walk on a floating boardwalk over wetlands and end at the sand dunes and can spend the day on a secluded beach!

Green Gables Shore has a variety of accommodations to suit any type of getaway. There are lovely cottages, bed and breakfasts, historic inns and four-star resorts, or for those who prefer to be closer to nature, well-equipped campgrounds with easy access to the beach.

Charlottetown’s Artsy Side

Charlottetown, the capital city of Prince Edward Island is lined with historic buildings, shady pedestrian walkways, and sported a friendly small-town vibe. If you’re looking for music recitals, concerts, plays, festivals, art exhibitions, lectures, or special events, you’re going to love The Buzz. It’s a comprehensive newspaper of all the artistic happenings and, while most events take place in Charlottetown, they cover everything on the island.

If you have yourself two to three days, you can cruise along the scenic east coast of the island.

Basin Head beach

If you want to hear the nature sing, Basin Head beach is perfect to lure your ears. I am not kidding, the sand at the beach actually sings. Stop at Basin Head Beach to be serenaded by the sand there.
Explore the unexplored

Whether you prefer napping in the sun, splashing in the water, building a sandcastle, enjoying a leisurely stroll, or capturing that unforgettable sunset, there’s a beach that’s perfect for it. There is a lot to do at PEI. so if you plan to ever visit these exotic beaches, don’t forget to visit the places mentioned here.

I wish you have a great time ‘un’exploring the Prince Edward Island.