5 Honeymoon Beaches in Barbados

There are numerous beaches in Barbados and
each one can be used by any member of the public.  The ones that sit on the west coast stretch
out into the Caribbean, while those on the east have the waves of the Atlantic
gently flowing over onto the sand. 

Here are the 5 honeymoon beaches in

  1. Mullins Beach

Honeymooners will love
being able to sit on the sand relaxing or choosing to go out in the water when
they are at Mullins Beach.  The water is
calm, which makes it perfect for both swimming and snorkeling along the
underwater reefs nearby.  When couples
are tired of the sand and the sun, they can walk to either Mullins Beach Bar or
Mannie’s Suga Suga restaurant for a drink as they enjoy every moment of the beginning
of their life together. 

  • Sandy Lane Beach

This beach is well-known
amongst celebrities and couples may find themselves sitting next to someone
famous without even realizing it. 
Everyone on this beach gets pampered and no couples are going to resist
being treated like royalty during their honeymoon.

  • Carlisle Bay Beach

Honeymooners will love
being able to choose which section of this beach fits their needs the
most.  The entire beach is divided into
three sections that include Browne’s Beach, Burke’s Beach, and Yacht Club
Beach.  There are numerous snack bars
lining the sand, which is perfect for when couples are thirsty or need a break
from the sun.  The best part of spending
time on this beach is the long walks that couples can have up and down the one
and a half kilometers of the sandy shoreline. 

  • Bottom Bay

Bottom Bay is not going to
be as busy as some of the other beaches in Barbados, because it is not the
safest spot for swimming.  Instead,
anyone that ventures to this beach will be happy to relax on the white sand as
the nearby palm breeze sway gently in the breeze.  The cliffs looming in the background will add
interest to any pictures that are taken, and couples will want to enjoy a
picnic lunch at some point during their visit to this beach.

  • Crane Beach

This is the most popular
beach in Barbados, and while that may deter some honeymooners, others will not
let the crowds spoil their fun.  Everyone
can be seen swimming and bodysurfing while at this beach and once couples are
tired out, they can head to the restaurant and bar at the Crane Residential
Resort for a drink and a bite to eat. 

These are the five best beaches for honeymooners in Barbados,
although honestly, no couple is going to care which beach they are sitting on
because they will be too busy staring into each other’s eyes.  After all, they are too lost in the romance
of their new life together to notice much of anything else.