Top 10 Vegetarian Places to Eat in Havana

Vegetarians have always had a difficult
time finding something to eat when they go out for dinner in Havana, but in
recent years, that has changed.  More and
more vegetarian restaurants are opening, and they are giving people options
that have barely existed before. 

Here are the top 10 vegetarian places to
eat in Havana:

  1. O’Reilly 304

There is a little bit of a
war going on over O’Reilly 304, as people cannot decide which is better, the
vegetarian options on the menu or the gin cocktails.  Everyone will need to go for themselves, so
that they can see how amazing everything that they create tastes. 

  • Azucar Lounge

This is not an exclusive
vegetarian restaurant, but they do have multiple vegetarian dishes that
everyone can order.  Previous guests have
loved their falafel, pesto pasta, and even their grilled vegetables. 

  • Oasis Nelva Café Creperie

Everything that is cooked
for the crepes is done in olive oil, so no vegetarian will need to worry about
accidentally getting any animal fats into their diets at this restaurant.  Diners will love the assortment of vegetables
and fruits that they can have placed in their crepe and they will also be
pleasantly surprised at how filling each one is. 

  • El Shamuskia’o

This is also not a
strictly vegetarian restaurant, but they do have the option of having each and
every dish made into one.  Everyone loves
the aubergine lasagana, the vegetable kebabs, and the stuffed tomatoes. 

  • Buena Vista Curry Club

There are not too many
restaurants within Cuba that serve Indian food, and this is probably the only Indian
one that offers vegetarian options as well. 
Diners can get their fill of their favorite vegetarian dishes complete
with the spicy curry that they love. 

  • Topoly

The vegetarian dishes in
this restaurant are served with a view of the park right next door.  All their dishes have an Iranian flavoring,
which is perfect for those who want something different to eat. 

  • La Rosa Negra

There are many traditional
meals within Cuba, but La Rosa Negra chooses to prepare vegetarian options
without using any meat fat.  They also
have a large variety of cocktails that they serve and each one compliments the
meals wonderfully. 

  • El Bambu

El Bambu can be found
behind the National Botanical Gardens and most people go there for their
self-service salad bar.  However, they
also prepare some warm dishes that are just as amazing. 

  • California Café

The food at California
Café is prepared with a Californian and Cuban fusion flair and while they do
serve meat, their vegetarian options are plentiful.  Some of the favorite vegetarian dishes
include bruschetta, fried roots, chickpea burgers, and their infamous roasted
eggplant tower. 

  1. Dona Eutimia

Again, this restaurant
does serve meat as well as vegetarian and vegan options, but they do take their
vegetarian customers seriously and always cater to their needs.  This has been noticed by many, which is why a
reservation is almost always needed to dine here.  Two of the favorite vegetarian dishes include
rice and beans and their ropa vieja chickpeas.  

These are the ten best vegetarian restaurants in Havana and it is
nice to see that the options are becoming more plentiful in this part of the