Top 10 Vegetarian Places to Eat in the Dominican Republic

Local ingredients are served everywhere in the Dominican Republic, but not all of them are prepared for vegetarian dishes.  Thankfully though, there are quite a few places that serve amazingly delicious vegetarian dishes that everyone will love!

Here are the top 10 vegetarian places to eat in the Dominican Republic:

C-Organico Juice Bar

There is much more than smoothies and juices sold at this little vegetarian restaurant and diners will love that everything is plant based.  The options change daily according to what is freshest and in season, which is what all vegetarians will love to hear!


Everything served within this restaurant is vegetarian, but there are a few vegan options as well.  Every salad, sandwich, and appetizer is full of fresh veggies that are flavorful and juicy. 

Jardin Verde

Any vegetarian that only wants organic options will love eating a meal at Jardin Verde, as all their ingredients are organic and fresh.  They do offer a few vegan options amongst all their vegetarian dishes too.  Everyone that eats there must try their homemade noodles and their pastries made from a rice base, as they will be amazed at how fabulous they taste. 

Jardin Jazmin

This casual restaurant offers a new twist on vegetarian foods by creating them with a Taiwanese flair.  No one can resist the unique flavors that cannot be found anywhere else on the island. 

Lotos Restaurante Vegetariano

Everyone will love dining on tofu, brown rice, and mock meat dishes in this vegetarian restaurant, but the best thing is that many of their dishes can be taken home to eat as well.  While they have multiple specialties, everyone seems to love their salads and fruits the most.

Ananda Restaurante Vegetariano

Everyone can enjoy a yoga class before grabbing a bite to eat in this restaurant that is on-site at the yoga studio.  They have a large variety of vegetarian cuisine that is very inexpensive. 


This restaurant mainly serves Chinese food, but it is all vegetarian because they utilize mock meat in all their dishes.  This is perfect for those who want something a little different than just a plate of vegetables. 

TIME Vegetarian Kitchen

This fine dining restaurant serves regular cuisine, but each dish is also available in a vegan or vegetarian version for those who do not eat any animal products. 


This is an organic restaurant that serves vegetarian foods for breakfast and lunch.  Everything is also considered vegan with the exception of the honey that is used in a few of the products.

Restaurante Vegetariano Raice

This restaurant can be found in the middle of Santo Domingo and it is the perfect place to take a break in between exploring the nearby sights.  The healthy vegetarian foods are tasty and will help anyone refuel so that they continue with the rest of their day. 

These are the best vegetarian restaurants within the Dominican Republic and every vegetarian will want to try each one before declaring one of them as a favorite.

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