Things you Can Do In Paris Other than Eiffel Tower


Paris – The name is enough for anyone, who wants to visit and see one of the world’s best places for culture, history, attractive places, shopping and trying out the European cuisines. The more things done, the less they seem. Here are some of the exceptional things to do in Paris other then go for seeing the Eiffel tower.

Historic and cultural places to visit in Paris

Paris is full with historic and cultural structures.  People can visit the Palace of Versailles, which is one of the largest castles in the world known for its grand and beautiful architecture and gardens. The Arc De Triomphe as well as the famous Louvre Museum can also be visited. The museum has the finest art masterpieces that show the culture in many forms.

The many beautiful museums of Paris and their art pieces.

Another attraction of Paris is the Notre Dame Cathedral, where people can visit the top of the tower and see the beautiful landscape and surroundings.  The city is home to many museums, so people can visit another good museum ‘the Orsay Museum’ which proudly exhibits the work of Delacroix, Manet, Monet, Van Gogh and other famous artists.  The Grevin Wax Museum at the other end is famous for more than 300 wax figures of world’s famous people, that pose differently.

Grevin Wax Museum features over 300 wax figures of the world’s most famous people dramatically posed in amazing scenes.  At the same time, the Musee du Louvre museum has more than 35,000 objects of different kinds. It was built in the year 1190 as a fortress by King Phillippe. It houses many royal art paintings, with about 12 paintings from Italy.  How can one forget to see the famous painting of Mona Lisa by Leonardo Vinci.

The Musée d”Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris near the Eiffel Tower has various art exhibits ranging back from 20 to 21st centuries with works of Matisse, Picasso and Chagall among other great painters.

Just across the Seine from the Eiffel Tower, the Musée d”Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris exhibits art movements from casino online the 20th and 21st centuries—including Fauvism, cubism, Dadaism, surrealism, abstractionism, and more—in the free permanent collection that boasts works by Matisse, Picasso, and Chagall.

Each first Sunday of the month, Auguste Rodin”s famous bronze and marble sculptures, including The Thinker and The Kiss, are on display free of charge at the Musée Rodin in the quiet 18th-century Hôtel Biron and its manicured garden.

The Plaza gallery which is a 2 floor structure can be seen with family. It contains paintings, various beautiful sculptures and artistically handcrafted furniture. Theatre lovers can visit the Paris Community Theatre, near the Downtown plaza, that features live stage shows of various genres like comedies, dramas and musicals.

One cannot also miss the National Museum of Asian Art-Guimet, which is known for housing paintings, sculptures and artifacts from India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tibet, China and Japan.

Fun things to do in Paris

People who have seen the cultural locations of Paris can relax and mingle with the crowds on the busy roads of the city. There are many cafes and restaurants, where people can visit with their families and enjoy the European coffee or various beverages along with cuisines.  People can also roam the streets of Paris and see different types of people from various cultures.

They can sail down the river Seine and enjoy the river as well as many of the city’s landmarks.  The wonderful bridges cannot be missed from the river view.  People interested in photography can visit the Montparnasse tower, where they can photograph the city in all directions from the 56th floor.

There are many green parks in the city, where people can spend their afternoon or early evenings, like the Jardin de Luxembourg or the Palais du Luxembourg, The Jardin du Tuileries fountain to relax upon. Paris is also home to fashion world, which the world copies. So people can visit many of the venues famous for hosting fashion shows of different designers and see models and who’s who of the media world at the location. France”s centenarian department store at Galeries Lafayette has free weekly fashion shows.

Paris cannot be left out without doing some shopping. The streets are full of exquisite and branded showrooms in the shopping centers like the famous Bercy, Italie and the Passage de havre, which offers every range of shopping items at attractive deals.  Paris perfumes are famous all over the world and sought after by people.  The perfume lovers can get many types of perfumes from the streets of Paris and also visit the famous Napoleon III townhouse that has the Fragonard Museum having France’s most famous perfumes of different types.

The famous laboratory of the scientist Marie Curie should not be missed at any cost, as it contains original furnishings, instruments and various Nobel Prizes won by her.

Likewise, one can visit many such places of Paris in their long holiday related to natural science, philosophy, history and archaeology and get information about the rich culture of the place and the famous Paris liberation as well. There are many guided tours in the old parts of the city, where houses and structures are made from bricks and still stand tall today.

Sports activities

The city of Paris is also known for sports and other recreational activities. People can try out fishing, go for a picnic with their family or take part in various airs and water sports activities like skating, biking, cycling in the beautiful scenery village, swimming or sailing.

Food/Drinks to try out in Paris

People who are fans of the French wine can go to the famous ‘O Chateau Wine tasting’ to taste one of the rarest wines from the France vineyards.  The other places to try out and explore for food and drinks are Le Grenier, Le Tribal Café, Le Taïs.

So, one in all, people who are planning to visit Paris on a holiday should plan a long trip to view and visit its past and current along with a visit to world’s famous artist homes as well.