3 Highways in India Which One Must Never Miss to Travel!

In India, the summers are very hot and the temperature soars up to 50?C. The scorching sun right over your head can make you exhausted when you travel or walk in the sun. In that case, most of the travellers prefer to visit Assam and Shimla to get rid of hot weather.


Just one question to all Indian tourists out there. Are Shimla and Assam the only places you have heard about or planning to visit this summer? Well, if that’s the case, then you are surely missing out of some extraordinary places in India. Right from Ladakh in the North to Ooty in the South, Indian is filled with some amazing tourists spots to visit this summer. Especially, going out for a long drive with greenery all around you, will be the best thing to do this season. Here is the list of lengthiest and the most beautiful highways in India which you must never miss to visit:


Munnar to Ooty

Munnur to Ooty, Highway,  Ooty, Munnur

Munnar and Ooty, both are top-rated tourist places in the Southern part of India. Munnar which is known for its longest tea farms and the hill station is visited by thousands if not lakhs of people every year. On the other side, Ooty is also known for its natural beauty and the coldest weather during summer times. But have you ever tried to visit both the places? If you haven’t, then you have to go for a long ride on the Munnar to Ooty highway (almost 170 kilometers). With lot of turns and forests all around, you won’t feel like summer even in the afternoon. Be careful of the dangerous turns on the way and drive slowly to spend some more time right in the forest of  Nilgiri Hills.


Manali to Srinagar

Manali to Srinagar, highway

If you have never been to the heaven of India, which is J&K and Himachal Pradesh, this is the time to move on. The distance is about 500km and you can really have a long ride on the hilly areas with lush with trees all around. There are many places to turn around for small breaks where you can have some fun with your loved ones. The snow is a problem every time in winter. But when it comes to riding your car in the summer, you will see the best of snow mountains on the way from Manali to Srinagar. Manali which is one of the most visited hill station has a lot of things to do on the hillside. You can also walk away on the landscapes and gardens.


Jaisalmer to Bikaner

Jaisalmer to Bikaner, highway

When it comes to Rajasthan, it is considered to be the hottest place in India. Now you might be thinking that how it’s going to be cool while travelling to such hot places? Isn’t it? But believe me the sunshine at places like Jaisalmer and Bikaner makes the historical palaces shine even more. If you have never been to anyone of these places, then just have a ride on NH15 and share your experience with us. I am sure that you will have a good time by visiting some historical places on the way from Jaisalmer to Bikaner.


These are the top 3 highways in India that you must travel once in your life. Even winter would be the best time to do that if you are not comfortable to adjust yourself to the heating sun in Rajasthan.


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