Adventure Sports in India for You!

Who says that India is only ideal for just walking around and seeing tourist spots only? India also offers you some chance of adventure sports and activities. The only difference is people don’t know much about this aspect due to less advertising and awareness.

Need for adventure sports

There are tourists as well as locals who enthusiastically participate in adventure sports such as kayaking, canoeing, rock climbing, parasailing, boating, water rafting, etc. Rishikesh is famous for water rafting while Kullu Manali and Kerala is famous for parasailing. Boating can be followed in any of the tourist spots in India having a lake.

Kayaking and Canoeing in South

In Coimbatore, travelers opt for kayaking or canoeing based on their interests. These activities are done in Sulur Lake. You can also try out wind surfing as well if the wind is good on a given day. The best time is early morning and evening. If you are lucky, you can even spot some few migratory birds and photograph them.

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Fly high in the sky with Paragliding

Now, let us fly in the sky! Yes, we are talking about Paragliding. There are many known hotspots for this wonderful adventure in India. Notable among them are Kerala, Kullu Manali, Karnataka, casino online Saputara in Gujarat, Ladakh, and Mahabaleshwar. The Nilgiri Mountains between Kerela and Karnataka is famous for Paragliding while open landscapes of Beas River near Kullu Manali and High Hill grounds of Saputara are favorites of adventure troopers. Of course, all safety gear and precautions are taken for the participants and enthusiasts so you don’t need to worry.

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Water rafting in North India

If you love water and wish to do some water rafting for some more thrills, head to Rishikesh. Contact any adventure sports club or your hotel guide and they will take you to the right source. From 10 km to 22 km, you can do it alone or with a group. You will have to pay some rent, deposits, give your identification documents and other formalities before that.

Don’t miss this opportunity. You can even spot colorful fishes along the way and capture some nice shots when the water is ‘calm’ along the way. At the end of the day, you can proudly upload your Selfie or photo on a social media site and proudly tell it to your family or friends.

All said and done, don’t forget to visit some holy spots in Rishikesh, if you happen to be there. India is a holy land and you should not miss any free blessings, can you?