15 Best Places To Visit In kakinada

India has dependably been known as a place that is known for rich social legacy and no city showcases this superior to anything Kakinada.

Kakinada has a great deal of landmarks and strongholds that take one back so as to investigate the magnificence and the rich history with which India is related. The city in spite of seeing such a great amount of improvement in the most recent couple of years has figured out how to hold the old appeal by method for these recorded landmarks.

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There are bunches of best places in Kakinada which can be gone by and investigated when one is venturing out to Kakinada. There is a war remembrance which is devoted to the warriors who surrendered their lives amid the First World War. This is a best place went to by grown-ups and youthful ones both only for devoted reasons.

There are numerous landmarks in Kakinada which show the sublime design which existed a couple of hundreds of years back. There were various landmarks developed in Kakinada amid the Mughal and the British period and this specific structure was the one that saw the end of the Mughal time, the ascent of the British principle in India furthermore the flexibility of the nation which is the reason this is such a mainstream vacation destination. These landmarks are found all over Kakinada and the greater part of these have delightful engravings all over and also verses from the Quran recorded at different locales. It is an unquestionable requirement see best place for families on an excursion to Kakinada.

Kakinada is a standout amongst the most famous and best places for a family trek and one should doubtlessly arrange an outing to this magnificent city alongside their precious ones.

Significance of Kakinada

Kakinada has likewise been portrayed in Bhima Khandam as the spot with grouped tanks and sanctuaries. The sanctuary road (Jawahar) has numerous sanctuaries and there are numerous tanks exist till now. Maharshi Bulusu Sambamurthy is a surely understood identity who rose up out of Kakinada battled amid Indian flexibility development. Present Gandhi Nagar Park region was utilized by all India Congress amid 1923 for their work. Japanese targeted this spot amid Second World War for bombarding. It has got legacy for the structures like P.R.College, Om Tatsat is a working of Brahma Samaj, the Orphanage building, Main office working of State Bank of India. The social legacy lies in the Century old Saraswati Gana Sabha, Sangeeta Vidwat Sabha and others. Numerous popular cine craftsmen are said to have been delivered by Young men’s cheerful club and Andhra SevaSangam fitting in with this range.

Best time to visit Kakinada

The best season to visit East Godavari is the winter season. The temperature stays agreeable and is well-suited for touring. The greatest months to visit are October, November, December, January, February and March.

Atmosphere in Kakinada

1. Summer season in Kakinada
The summers in East Godavari are hot and dry and are for the most part kept away from by the travellers. The month of March denote the beginning of summer season and it endures till July. Temperature ranges between 22°C to 40°C amid these months.

2. Monsoon season in Kakinada
Mid October denote the start of Monsoon season in East Godavari and keeps going till Mid November. Moderate precipitation is experienced by the district and light cotton garments are sufficiently only for the city climate.

3. Winter season in Kakinada
East Godavari encounters winters in the months of December to February. The temperature stays in the agreeable 19°C – 31°C amid these months. These are the greatest months to visit East Godavari.

Facts about Kakinada

After freedom, the name came back to Kakinada; however the long-time past names still persist, for example, as the railroad station name. This is one of the intriguing truths about Kakinada.
Kakinada is ONGC’s eastern seaward resource. The area is likewise surely understood for its petroleum industry. Numerous stalwarts from the business including Gujarat State petroleum enterprise, Reliance, GAIL, Hindustan petroleum have operations from this town.

JNTU Kakinada was initially called the “School of Engineering, Vizagapatam”, and is a standout amongst the most surely understood building universities in the state. With a 110 section of land grounds in Kakinada, this school has 165 associated establishments under its fold.

Set up in 1884 by Sri Rajah Rao Venkata Mahipathi, Gangadhara Rama Rao and Bahadur, the PG government school has created some perceived understudies from its sacred grounds. Graduated class incorporate PV Narasimha Rao and Devulapalli Krishnasastri.

Motivations to Visit:

•A Natural harbor and one of the significant ports in India and consequently went by business voyagers to transporting and cargo sending organizations.
•Pithapuram and Draksharamam are two journey focuses that are normally gone by together with Kakinda as the base town for a stay.
•There are number of different sanctuaries that are locally noteworthy and chatted with Kakinada at the base point.

1. Bhimeswara Temple

Bhimeswara Temple

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Situated in the locale of East Godavari, Bhimeswara Temple is committed to Lord Shiva and is situated in Samalkota, 28 Kms from Kakinada city. This heavenly destination is rectangular fit as a fiddle and there are a few compositions in the sanctuary that demonstrates that the town was before called as Chalukya Bhimavaram.

2. ShriBhavanarayanaSwamy Temple

ShriBhavanarayanaSwamy Temple

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Shri Bhavanarayana Swamy Temple is situated in Sarpavaram, close Kakinada. It is given to God Bhavanarayana, the second name for Lord Vishnu. It is evidently an exceptionally popular spot to visit.

3. Adurru


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A recorded spot in East Godavari known for its landmarks, Adurru Village is situated in RazoleTaluk. The remnants of Buddhist Stupas, Chaityas and Viharas were found by The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) in the year of 1953. The removal performed by ASI uncovered antiquated materials, for example, dishes, containers, dish of kaolin and red stoneware and troughs. Mahastupa is the real fascination of the spot.

4. Coringa Sanctuary

Coringa Sanctuary

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Coringa Sanctuary is a stunning picturesque spot to visit and is arranged in East Godavari which is near Kakinada city and is far reaching over a territory of 235 square Kms. Rich widely varied vegetation can be knowledgeable about the Coringa Sanctuary. There are around 35 assortments of Mangrove plants which are available at this spot. It is extremely popular for Olive Ridley Sea Turtle, Estuarine Crocodiles and Fishing Cats.

5. Pithapuram


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Pithapuram, an acclaimed religious spot in East Godavari is arranged at a separation of only 20 Kms from Kakinada. It is otherwise called one of the five Madava Keshatras, one of the twelve explorer focuses and one of the Asta Data Shakti Peethas. It is accepted as one the old pioneer focuses in India. The boss fascination of the spot is the old place of worship of Padagya Kshethram. The Kunthimadhava Swami, Sri Kukkuteshwara Swami Temple, Sri Pada Vallabha Anaagha Datha Kshethram and Sri Venu Gopala Swamy Temple are other prestigious sanctuaries in the city.

6. Draksharamam Temple

Draksharamam Temple

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Broadly known as Dakshina Kasi, Draksharamam temple is devoted to Lord Shiva and is accepted to be the second holiest place after Banaras. As per legends, Sage Vyasa once performed self-discipline at this spot and along these lines it was named as the Dakshina Kasi. It is additionally expected that Sati’s dad directed a “Yagya” which she was unasked for and henceforth yielded herself subsequent to being disrespected.

7. Matlapalem Maha Lakshmi temple

Matlapalem Maha Lakshmi temple

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It’s Very popular Temple of goddess Mahalakshmi. Which were built on Kakinada-Yanam Street NH 214.It will take around One hour to achieve this Temple from Kakinada Bus stand. Individuals will by and large pass by Busses (each Bus which will go towards Yanam will stop at this Temple aside from Non-stop Busses) or can pass via Auto (Both Sharing and Non Sharing will be accessible).

8. Jeeyar Ashram

Jeeyar Ashram

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The ashram was found and developed by Sri Tridandi Sree ranga Ramanuja Jeeyar Swamiji (Popularly known as Kakinada Jeeyar). It’s a peaceful spot .the ashram likewise comprise Sri venkateswara temple,Veda pathasala,

9. Toorang Eswara Swamy Temple

Toorang Eswara Swamy Temple

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This is an acclaimed notable sanctuary of master Shiva this is situated in – Yanam Street NH 214. Close msn Degree College. The shivalinga was made and venerated by master srirama in the wake of slaughtering Rakshasa called “Maricha” to leave his transgression or to keep away from ‘Brahma hatyapataka’.

10. Church Square

Church Square

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There were 4 places of worship developed long back, the chapels were very much built and they are sorts as roman church, Catholic Church and so on.

11. Sri Venkateswara Swamy Temple

Sri Venkateswara Swamy Temple

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This sanctuary was implicit the bank of jagannathapuram trench and all that much close to jagannathapuram bridge. This sanctuary was built and sorted out by tirumala tirupathi devastanam.

12. Ravana’s Statue

Ravana's Statue

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This statue was set at Kakinada Beach Road .This statue tallness is around 30 ft. There is a tremendous Shivalinga which is set close by this statue which is as far as anyone knows introduced by Ravana. Both Shivalinga and Ravana are worshiped here. This is the main spot in the Andhra Pradesh where Ravana was venerated. At consistent interims of time Maha kumbha mela will be sorted out here. “Abhisheka” will be composed to the sautés of ravana and Sivalinga with ocean water and Different sorts of natural product juice, milk and so forth.

13. Uppada Beach

Uppada Beach

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This is put around 5 km from Kakinada, The forte here is it has a mix of slow slant with clean waters. As you move towards Uppada the tide size will increment steadily. There were parcels numerous study trees. It’s a decent cookout spot.

14. Hope Island

Hope Island

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It’s a little island which is found exceptionally close to Kakinada shoreline. To achieve the island one needs to go around 10km into the water. Be that as it may, not very many pontoons will be accessible to achieve the island. The arrangement of this island is because of sand floating from the waterway Godavari. The northern part of this island is known as the “Godavari point” Due to the presence of Hope Island Kakinada shoreline framed without tides. The island looks delightful with coconut trees and little hovels. This island shields Kakinada from the solid tsunamis and tempests of the Bay of Bengal.

15. Fishing Harbor and Deep Water Port

Fishing Harbor and Deep Water Port

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Kakinada Port is a mix of Kakinada Anchorage Port, Kakinada Deep Water Port, and Kakinada Fishing Harbor. Kakinada Port is situated on the East Coast of India at a Latitude-16º 56′ North and Longitude – 82º 15′ on East. It’s a primary Port which is situated in Godavari and Krishna bowl. It’s the most secure regular harbors on the east bank of India. A Deep Water Port was created by Government of Andhra Pradesh with the expense of 300 Chores.

The most effective method to Reach Kakinada

Kakinada via Air :
The closest Domestic Airport from Kakinada is Rajahmundry Airport, Madhurapudi, approximately one and 30 minutes’ drive from Kakinada. The closest International Airport is Visakhapatnam Airport, 163 Kms from the city. Flights are accessible from the urban areas such as Hyderabad, Nagpur, Pune and Bangalore.

Kakinada by railroads:
The closest Railway Station from Kakinada will be Kakinada Junction, situated at a separation of 3 Kms from the city. The second closest Railway Station is Samalkot Railway Station, situated at a separation of 12 Kms from Kakinada.

Other than nourishment courts with delectable things, a style appear, kite appear, bloom appear, handlooms and materials show will be sorted out in the occasion. Enormous aquariums, steeds, camels and so on are accessible for the celebration. The authority said a short film would be shot and displayed over the state for drawing in individuals to the celebration.