Top 8 Rajahmundry Tourism Places

Rajahmundry is likewise one of the most established urban communities in India, worked by the Chalukya King Sri Rajaraja Narendra at some point in the beginning of the most recent thousand years. A few different hypotheses do challenge this case, and it is trusted that the city continued the rule of the Chalukyas.


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It was a piece of the Madras Presidency and was made into the District of Rajahmundry in the year 1823, amid the British standard. It has additionally been the central command of the Godavari District after autonomy.

It lies on the banks of the River Godavari, 400 kilometres from the state’s capital, Hyderabad. The corporation has been officially christened as the “Grand City of Culture” by the government.It has also been the headquarters of the Godavari District after independence.


Positioned amongst the most established urban areas in the Indian subcontinent, Rajahmundry is a delightful city situated on the banks of Godavari River. The city, which is known as the Cultural capital of Andhra Pradesh, is additionally alluded to as the ‘Conceived City’. It is therefore called on the grounds that artist Nannayya offered script to Telugu to make it a dialect. Nannayya, the primary Telugu writer, was conceived in this city.

It was worked by Chalukya ruler Rajaraja Narendra amid eleventh century. The antiquated city is mainstream for its dynamic investment amid different times including the flexibility battle against British standard. Rajahmundry is a mix of different qualities that make the spot one of a kind, intriguing, and suitable for tourism for all ages.

Pleasant scenes, landmarks of social significance, antiquated sanctuaries and gutsy visitor spots are accessible in the city to make it a compelling spot for voyagers.

Here are the main 8 spots to visit in Rajahmundry, which you would not have any desire to miss.

1. Papi Hills

Papi Hills

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Papi Hills is a stunning destination and an impeccable spot to arrive amid your excursion. Your soul takes off to incredible statures at the very sight of the radiant slope station. On the off chance that you cherish nature and if your brain longs for some experience, you will discover Papi Hills overwhelming. The convincing excellence of the spot with tranquil air and wide territory of greenery separated, the offers of trekking on the slope and angling in the waters make the spot the most looked for after visitor destination in Rajahmundry. The sound of the waterfalls, the stirring of the leaves and the twittering of winged creatures make you feel one with nature. On the off chance that you are from the part of the world that makes you work tenaciously, you have to loosen up here to appreciate the embodiment of life.

2. Kadiyapulanka


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Kadiyapulanka is a flat out joy to your visual faculties. Arranged 8 km far from Rajahmundry, the town thrives in gardening and agriculture. A portion of the blooms developed in the nurseries here incorporate rose, jasmine, lilies and chrysanthemums. The bloom show held each year in the month of January is the opportune time to devour your eyes and faculties with magnificent accumulations of blossoms. The shades of the blossoms render enchantment to the air.

3. Godavari Boat Travels

Godavari Boat Travels

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You can never accept that your outing to Rajahmundry to be finished on the off chance that you had not travelled River Godavari. Cruising on the stream will be an enchanting knowledge as the journey gives you an astounding chance to endeavour at observing the brilliance of nature. The rich greenery, beautiful scenes and stunning slopes saw from the waterway amid your voyage make you enchanted. The pontoons have the best of offices to make your remain focused extremely agreeable. You get the opportunity to see a couple places while on voyage, which are untouched by people. Different cruising bundles are offered out of which you might pick the one that would fit in with your time period and spending plan. Cruising on Godavari offers inimitable experience to picture takers and nature beaus.

4. Kotilingeshwara Temple

Kotilingeshwara Temple

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Built amid tenth century, Kotilingeswara Temple is a fine case of engineering of the past. One of the main attractions of Rajahmundry, the sanctuary has washing ghats around it. Kotilingalarevu, the spot where the sanctuary is arranged, is a ship point to cross River Godavari. Different legends about the sanctuary are heard out of which one says that King Ravana used to offer requests to God to Lord Shiva in this sanctuary site. Explorers consider this place a sacred site and thus take a dunk in the water here.

5. RallabandiSubbarao Government Museum

RallabandiSubbarao Government Museum

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Established in 1967, Rallabandi Subba rao Government Museum holds a portion of the rarest accumulations of coins, models and old palm-leaf compositions. The earthenware things seen here are a fine show of workmanship. The exhibition hall jams and conveys to light the social significance of Andhra Pradesh.

6. Pattiseema


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Here is another spot in Rajahmundry that revives your drained spirits. This stunningly delightful spot pulls in visitors in incredible numbers as well as gets movie producers to catch a percentage of the best scenes for their movies. Sri Veera bhadhra Temple is one amongst the significant attractions. The sanctuary is arranged on a slope and it is viewed as one amongst the five Kshetras. The spot offers yet another great photography session as the area of the sanctuary is grand with slopes on the foundation, silver shading sands and stunning models.

7. Markandeya Temple

Markandeya Temple

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Markandeya Temple is one of the antiquated sanctuaries in Rajahmundry. The sanctuary’s remnants were at first thought to be fitting in with mosque. Archaeological reviews led later distinguished the remains as connected with Shiva sanctuary. In the year 1818, the sanctuary was recreated by Gundu Sobhanadriswara Rao. The sanctuary is frequented by pioneers from all parts of the nation.

8. Dowleswaram Barrage

Dowleswaram Barrage

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Dowleswaram Barrage was built with a perspective to serve watering system. The flood was based on the last extend of the glorious Godavari River. The torrent is fruitful in making so as to achieve the explanation behind its development the area ripe with its waters. The flood was likewise fruitful in turning away starvations that were a typical event amid British period.

Rajahmundry is an excellent and rich area, which has been honoured with the best blessings of nature. The area of the city, the appealing scenes, old sanctuaries, Godavari River journey and last yet not minimal, scope for astounding experience make this place an awesome vacation destination. Take a decent time off from your routine to appreciate the joy of nature in each structure. You are certain to find that your stay in Rajahmundry supports your spirits and gets you back fit as a fiddle to ricochet back to your chaotic calendar.

Rajahmundry Climate

The temperature is generally hot and sticky, with summer temperatures ascending to horrendous levels. Normal temperatures amid summer range from 34 to 48 degrees Celsius ascending to as much as 51 degrees Celsius. The coolest time would be amid December and January which would be the best time to visit Rajahmundry.

Instructions to reach Rajahmundry

Rajahmundry is very much associated with whatever is left of the nation through rail and street, being the social capital of the condition of previous Andhra Pradesh. The Rajahmundry Airport has just restricted household administrations which thus interface it to the urban areas of Chennai, Madurai, Vijayawada, Bangalore and Hyderabad.

By Road:
National Highway number 5 in the middle of Chennai and Kolkatta associates this city. By street on NH 5 it is 200 KM from Visakhapatnam (towards north or Kolkatta side) and it is 160 KM from Vijayawada (south or Chennai side). Chennai is 600 Km from Rajahmundry. From Visakhapatnam it is 3 hours venture by street.

By rail:
Rajahmundry is associated by Chennai – Howrah fundamental train line. All super-quick and express prepares stop at Rajahmundry station. After the fundamental station train ignores the waterway Godavari (while going towards Chennai). Train takes 3 hours from Visakahaptnam (north side) and 9 hours from Hyderabad and 10 hours from Chennai (south side)

Via Air:
Rajahmundry Airport is situated at a separation of 18 KM from fundamental city region at Madurapudi. There are day by day flights from Hyderabad and Chennai via air Deccan.