Goa Vegas of India Part-2

The next morning as expected was eventful I was woken up by my mates at 7am and they wanted to go to Calangute beach for ablution. Unfortunately I never take to water so I joined them watched them get swallowed into the coming waves. They were done with this process within an hour, I rushed to the washroom as I had to get myself ready for the what was expected to be an exciting day.

Aguada Fort:

One thing that caught my attention was the way in which tourists can explore the place. You can hire two wheelers and four wheelers for 24hrs basis and trust me it’s the best part as you can go to places you like and stop wherever you want. We hired an Avenger, Faizer and an Activa rates were 350,350 and 250 respectively. According to me if you don’t travel by yourself on the roads you never get to know the place. The way to Aguada Fort is quite mountainous and you need to be a good driver as all along the Goa the roads are single lane and with dividers, with sharp turn at high speed is risking your life. On the way to Aguada you’ll come across Kingfisher Villa, massive villa without the interference of local public or tourists. At Aguada Fort you’ll see a white lighthouse and a bit of construction and not what you’ll expect it to be like its name. One of my friend mentioned that it used to be a jail during the Portuguese rule. But having said that, the view from this place is a perfect vista. An umpteenth number of places suitable to take snap for your Facebook account. Even if you like to spend more time here you wouldn’t be able to as the weather is generally very warm during the day time. We got a couple of hats to keep avoid our brains from going into spasm. Dominoes pizza was the next stop after we were done with the fort also not to forget amber nectar never left our company.

We had our pizza’s at the hotel and then we again set out to Calangute beach because earlier in the morning there wasn’t good eye candy for us. A couple of shacks were ready from the previous day and light trance music was on. Again the phobia took over me and I had to stay back and my mates took to water to have the time of their life. I understand that my words might be simple but once you are on the place with hats and sunglasses on Goan beaches are the best. This time Fosters kept me company for a couple of hours till the crazy lot had their ablution. My neck was constantly fanning with each passing damsel. I almost forgot to mention that I only went to the shack which had majority of white girls relaxing to keep me entertained.


The next destination for the day was to one of the isolated beaches in Goa called the Arambol beach and sunset at Vagator Fort facilitating perfect vista.