Goa Vegas of India Part-3

The level of excitement was at its apex as the next destination was quite secluded and so it was the (so called) nude beach and its names as Arambol. Alacrity was all over us and our rented beasts were in shear pell-mell. The journey though was a bit clumsy but wasn’t reachable in a jiffy.

Arambol Beach:

Like mentioned above our honcho was also not sure of the way and in the process we even reached Baga beach. On numerous occasions we took fallacious routes and the journey to the correct place almost convinced me that we were about to enter Maharashtra. Just for the readers information you need to take the left turn from dolphin circle which you can’t miss it if you are in North Goa and continue your journey further north. Its is very necessary to keep asking people at regular intervals about this place as you’ll hardly see any signposts. The road to Arambol is pretty picturesque with steep rises and slopes and loads of coconut trees. At Arambol there was a complete absence of zephyr and we were already perspiring. Arambol was also similar to other beaches the only difference was that you’ll hardly see localities’ and it looked like the beach was only made for the overseas visitors. So obviously one thing was guaranteed and that was ample amount of voluptuous lass. The reason why I mentioned that it is so called nude beach was because they weren’t actually nude in-fact in bikini’s. I liked this beach as it gave a feeling that I was somewhere in Bournemouth. The hue of clearly attracted my mates and so they decided to go casino online and buy some shots so that then can go for ablution, I really thought that I was a stupid idea as we were only there for eye candy. Again the same process was repeated, I took to the shacks which had most girls and my mates were in water.

Vagator Fort:

Taking a detour from Arambol we were soon on the way to Vagator fort and everyone know this place was it was shown in one of the Bollywood movies and that caught immense attention. Again no signposts but somewhere down the line I just think you can never go haywire in this place. The roads followed similar sort of trajectory and the hue as green as the other parts. You need to walk on sort of a small mountain to reach the top of the place and this is when your footwear’s comes to real test. At the place there is a small door like entrance and inside is all grassy fields and to me it never looked like there was a fort here. But once you walk towards the sea there you’ll find one of the best views you’d ever imagine off. Dusk was approaching and again we witnessed the best sunset ever. We had to take pictures In rush as it had now started to get dark real fast. While going down this place it looks like steep slope and my footwear didn’t win my trust, I plummeted just outside the door like thing. I still have the scratch mark on my palms so I took off my flip flops and walk down bear footed. Within minutes this place was pitch dark and we were on our way back to out hotel. Evening dinner was facilitated at Navtara restaurant, everything they served was taste bud satisfying. Get intoxicated was the next move but I was off to sleep as next day we had planned to take a tour of south Goa.


Travelling diagonally to the southern part of the state in luxurious Mahindra Scorpio and visiting Titos lane that’s where I come into act. .

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