Goa Vegas of India

Goa the name is enough to catch utmost attention of every individual even a dandy!! The aura and the vibe of Goa is something different which you wouldn’t find in the rest of the India. Goa still has Portuguese culture deeply embedded in the people over here.

Calangute Beach – Goa

The trip to Goa for us was a bit tiring due to lack of sleep and kind of reservation we managed at the last moment. By the time we reached Thivim (north Goa) it was almost 16:30 and everyone was knackered. Prepaid taxi to our hotel called Sea Shore Resort cost us 700INR. Soon we lined up to freshen up so that we can explore more of the place as we had limited time. After everyone had been through ablution we set out towards the Calagute beach which was 200m from our hotel. A small way lead us to the beach and the first thing we see worth watching in the city of Goa was voluptuous lass in two piece bikini trying to dry her lithe body, a perfect damsel! There were more of these sort on the beach and we were trying a little to hard not to act like a pervert. The shacks were under construction as the monsoon had just ended for Goa and I cursed a bit on my fortune, I had learned from my mates that shacks are also quite happening with trance music of various kinds to attract tourists.

One of the finest beach to be on in Goa as the beach was clean and also the quality of water was good. The sun was about to set and I can say one of the best sunset point. Another specialty of Calangute beach is that the main market just ends near the beach so from the beach if you want to exit the beach you are in the market. We were longing to quench our thirst with Amber Nectar (also known as Beer commonly) this craving was subsided by liquor stores. Drinking on the beach is prohibited as unfortunately we had to take it to the hotel. Our platoon was heading from the main market when one of us who didn’t drink wanted us to have sugarcane juice, everyone chortled (you’d only know if you are from Gujarat why we did that.)

It was now starting to get dark but in this place you don’t feel insecure and because it was our first day we hadn’t hired any vehicles. We were sauntering in various parts of don’t know where and being famished we headed in search of something good to eat. There are many eateries in the central part of Calangute area, we decided to try one of the restaurant and bar I don’t remember the name of that place as the food wasn’t taste bud satisfying. We again bought few more bottles of beer and headed back to the hotel and yeah not to forget few packets of cashew nuts (specialty of the place). The round two of drinks started with all sorts of bullshit of every kind, happens generally when people get wasted. This was also facilitated with playing cards. I took to bed early to compensate some sleep as the best of the place was yet to come.


The next days itinerary was prepared by a couple of them who had been to this wonderland a couple of times. We were to go to Aguada Fort and vagator Fort.