Cars Mania At Vintage Villa

Vintage cars from early 1900’s to 1930’s are always an attraction for car lovers. The cars are worth taking a look, many cars are from premium brand names like Rolls Royce or Bentley, or even Austin model. Vintage cars are known for their design and unique style of make. Vintage car lovers can go to any extent to see an old classic vintage car and explore it.

Some months back, we visited my uncle at Ahmadabad. My father, who is a good fan of old and vintage cars had got some information about vintage car museum and so had asked my uncle to get required information about it.

Location of Vintage Villa:

After 2 Days, we went to see the museum of these cars called Auto World Vintage car Museum, located outskirts of Ahmadabad , 30 km from the city.  The museum has been built by Mr. Pranlal Bhogilal, who had a hobby of collecting vintage cars. The museum has been built at a farm house called Dastan Farm House.  Mr. Pranlal was the founder and also the president of the vintage and classic car club of India. He had converted his passion into a museum for other people to see these premium and classic cars at his Dastan Farm house.


Collection of cars:


My father was completely floored over by seeing the collection of cars at the museum. There were more than 300 cars kept in the museum all belonging to past century, with the best brand of cars. We were charged entry fee of Rs 100 per head. Some of the cars at the Museum, which we saw with their models, were:


A)    Rolls Royce,  

B)    Maybach

C)    Bentley

D)    Jaguar

E)    Austin,

F)    Cadillac.

G)    Chrysler,

H)    Lincoln

I)      Ford

J)     Morris 

K)    Mercedes

L)     Daimlers

M)   Langodas

N)    Pakard

O)    Buicks,

P)    Lancias

Q)    Convertible car

R)    Sports car

S)    Limousines  

T)      Grand open Tourers

U)    Barker

V)    Hooper

W)   Fleetwood

X)     Hispano

Y)    Auburn

Z)     Studebaker Roadster



My father enquired if these cars were just kept for exhibition or were in working condition, and to his surprise, he got to know that all of these cars are in running condition and ready to go. My father then asked if he can get his hand behind the wheel to get some experience, and again, he was told that he could do so, by paying Rs 500 for a 4 km drive. Naturally, my father was overjoyed and he invested 2,000 bucks in 4 different cars, taking us along. We took some photos of the cars.

The cars were very elegant, and some of the cars we saw were seen and used in times of Kings of India who would take their family for a ride in their cars, and to show off to some guests of the palaces. There were also horse drawn carriage cars, wooden speedster and others, specially used by rich and famous people. Most of the cars date back to early 1900’s. Some of the cars had been used for a quite drive, sports, for lavish display. All of the cars were looking stylish and elegant. They were all different from each other. Naturally, majority of these cars have been built from countries like USA and Europe.

My father asked some queries to the attendants about the cars. They were not only well informed about all the cars present, but also knew about the previous owners and their general history. Good update and knowledge.

After we came out, we started seeing around the farm. The farm as usual was covered with greenery and a restaurant which offered traditional great Gujarati food. There are also other attractions like auditorium, a souvenir shop, kids’ zone etc. We took our lunch and went back to our home. My father was ecstatic of his experience of driving the car. 

How to Reach:

For those who want to go to the place, the museum is kept open from 9 Am to 9 pm. You can reach Ahmedabad by flght and by train as it is the biggest city of Gujarat.

The proper address is:

Auto World, Dastan Farms, Kathwada,

Sardar Patel Ring Road,

Ahmadabad, India

Contact: +91 -079-22820699

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