Experience the mixed cultures at Narsinghji Fair

People of different faiths come together and enjoy the fair without any prejudice. Great clothing or utensils buying place and that’s Narsinghji Fair for you. It takes place in surprisingly crowded place called Gomtipur in Ahmedabad

Fairs are always a good place to visit, more so, when there are confluence of people from different cultures and tastes. Some couple of months back, I had visited the Narsinghji Fair of Ahmadabad. The fair is held in month of January or February for 4 days. I was part of the fair for 2 days.

People from all religions and cultures take part in this fair. I could see Hindus, Muslims and Christians mingling freely, and enjoying together in the fair. I had seen various shops selling different items for children to elders. There were many eateries at the roadside, where people were indulged in eating.

I saw the local tribes like Maldharies trading their cattle like cows, donkeys and buffaloes in the fair. Some of their clan was busy in selling their traditional handicrafts, and other good quality clothing material. I purchased some cheap priced utensils for my home and pottery for my mother. Children were enjoying the rides of the fair accompanied with elders. There was a free spirit in the air.

There were snake charmers and magicians performing their tricks, in front of children. Other people who were involved were busy discussing their business needs. I did some photography and observed people. Some people were looking from outside the state, who had come to witness the fair. Some school children had bunked their schools and come in the fair in their school uniforms.

The Narsinghji Fair is one fair which I have made it a point to visit every time it is held. There is always something which the fair offers.

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