Family Fun at Swapna Srushti Water Park in Ahmedabad Gujarat India

Swapna Srushti Near Ahmedabad- Cool Summer Destination

Summer is always full of fun in my home as we spend a lot of time with family during that time. Reason? Pretty simple my nephews finish their academic year at that time. And usually they have vacation during summer time. We planned Swapna srushti water park trip in last april. It was wonderful & had a lot of fun with my family.



Where is Swapna Shrushti Water Park? How for from Ahmedabad?

Swapna srushti Water Park is near to village mahudi and it is on the gandhinagar- mahudi highway. If you know road towards mahudi village. you can reach to swapna srushti from Ahmedabad easily . But if you are new to Ahmedabad and looking for some fun activities.. you might need some help.. You need to take route of Gnadhinagar… Keep driving towards sector Gha-4. And just ask anyone about road towards Mahudi. Once you leave Gandhinagar & on the way to Mahudi.. after around 20km you will have hoarding of Swapnshrushti and you need to take right turn from the road.. ( here you will have to drive through small road for about 3-4km)

Ticket Prices of Swapnha Shrushti & Timings

Lol we reached at 2:00 clock and we did not had lunch so we had only 3-4 hrs to spend on swimming pools and rounds. Timing is 11:00 to 5:00. And ticket price for a adult is 225 INR ( 5$) . And for children it is only ( 3$) for one day ticket.

How good casino spiele rides were at swapna shrushti?

Rides are wonderful. I would not say water was excellent but we can understand with a scorching summer outside and butload of people.. this amusement park  stays houseful everyday which can affect quality sometime. There are some easy rides .. Some thrill rides… Ahmedabad people love to spend time on these things 🙂

Anything special in Swapna Shrushti which you should not miss?

Yes, Do not forget to go to the artificial waterfall in lower side of water park. There will be two waterfall with 10 mtr & 20 mtr height ( I think so) . Just put yourself below 20 mt height waterfall and experience something which you have never experienced. Must try this thing at swapna shrushti waterpark. there are other missisipi rides, snow fall but those did not attract me.. Waterfall at swapnashrushti is a crazy experience 🙂

Is there anything else nearby to visit?

If you are coming all the way from Ahmedabad, you might want to try some other place. There is a Replica of Amarnath Temple nearby. this Amarnath temple is just a 1 km away from swapna shrushti waterpark. We were tired after rides and amusement inside the park, so we decided to have a rest and some refreshment drinks outside shops near swapnshrusti while few of us decided to visit Amarnath Temple. ( I might write a blog post for that )

For more information visit Swapna Shrushti Waterpark website

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