Gamthi: Lovely Dhaba Near Naroda

Yes,  Luckily I have been able to enjoy my rustic life .. Last weekend I spent in Naroda. I was looking hungry for kathiywadi restaurant.. and someone suggested Gamthi. We have been there in Gamthi before at one birthdya party.. but I was not sure Kathiyawadi would be goo there or not.

Where is Gamthi?

Gamthi is very cozy village like restaurant ( dhaba) near nana chiloda circle in Naroda. It is a highway restaurant.

What kind of food served in Gamthi?

At Gamthi you can find chineses, punjabi, gujrati, rajasthani , kathiywadi food. Menu is 4-5 page big. All common food items of Ahmedabad Restaurants are available at Gamthi.


Who Should Visit Gamthi Restaurant?

Someone who like to eat food at open garden kind of restaurant. Someone like a food like village.  Friends and family can come here.


if you want to try other good and affordable restaurant near nana chiloda.. Purhita Bhojana laya is good one & Vintage Village Restarant ( Dastan Farm) is also good to go.


I have been there twice and I liked food and atmoshphere..  it is an average highway restaurant .. you can not expect high quality.. but definatley you will enjoy whatever it serves 🙂  I will give 5 start to Gamthi :)_