Tri-Mandir & Adalaj ni Vav Step Well Visit From Ahmedabad

This Weekend . we got a chance to get relax and go out with family. We had 2-3 hours and so we thought it would be nice to go and visit Adalaj ni vav (step well) and Tri Mandir ( dada bhagwan)

How Far Adalaj ni Vav is From Ahmedabad

It is not so far from SG Highway . Around 20 minute maximum .. Just go straight and you will have a board for Adalaj around 20 kms from Sola Gujrat High Court.adalaj-ni-vav-step-well1 garden-adalaj-vav nice-adalaj-ni-vav-step-well

Adalaj ni Vav ( step well) has some good architecture to check.. nice sculpture.. Something special about our culture.. There is not fee ( I suggest there should be some fee) . There is one good garden nearby where you can seat and relax or play with kids.

Tri Mandir Near Adalaj

Tri Mandir is gigantic temple.. when you enter you feel like entering in a palace. People are friendly and most of members would be wearing white clothes. We had a good time here having good snacks & some play in garden.tri-mandir-adalaj

Tri Mandir is very good place to visit if you have Hindu elders with you. You can surely take them for a drive from Ahmedabad and show this place.. I do not think any Hindu Elderly person will ever regret visiting this.tree-mandir-adalaj-1

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