Weekend Trips You Can Do From Vadodara

Vadodara is the third most-populated city of Gujarat after Ahmedabad and Surat.

Vadodara or Baroda is situated on the banks of the Vishwamitri, names after Rishi Vishwamitra.

Vadodara is acclaimed for its palaces, parks, sanctuaries and galleries. Vadodara is number one modern city of Gujarat and is additionally called as ‘Sanskari Nagari (cultured city)‘ for its rich society customs. Vadodara is one of India’s most cosmopolitan urban areas. Lakshmi Vilas Palace, Maharaja Fatehsingh Museum, Nazarbaugh Palace, Pratap Vilas Palace, Vadodara Museum and Gallery and so on are the well-known spots.


Earliest mention of Vadodara finds is route backs in the 812 AD when it was a tiny settlement, far from its present area. The area was ruled by Hindu rulers till 1297 when the deluge of Muslim rule spread crosswise over focal India and control went under the control of the sultans of the Delhi Sultanate. By 1573, Vadodara was ruled by the Gujarat Sultan however he soon lost his domain to the developing of the Mughal Empire. Their mastery over the vast majority of central India proceeded with unchallenged for over a hundred years till the Marathas rose as solid contenders in the 1730s.

Vadodara turned into the new grip of the Marathas Gaekwads, who made it their capital in 1735. The rule proceeded with continuous till Indian Independence in 1947. Maharaja SayajiRao III was the most dynamic of the considerable number of leaders of Vadodara and he presented numerous city changes and built up numerous scholarly and legal foundations. The force of Vadodara was in affect shortened by the increasing power of the British in India and by 1802, the British had set up an occupant in Vadodara, apparently to keep up relations and a shaky peace between the Bhils and the august conditions of Gujarat and the Kathiawar Peninsula.

With Independence, Vadodara converged into the standard of Indian states and turned out to be a piece of the recently constituted state of Gujarat.Cutting edge Vadodara is famous as a focal point of scholastic brilliance and is quickly becoming a noteworthy mechanical center of pharmaceutical and glass commercial ventures.

Spots To visit

Champaner Heritage Site

Champaner Archaeological Park is an UNESCO World Heritage Site which is situated in Panchmahal locale in Gujarat, India. It was engraved in the list in 2004. There is a centralization of to a great extent of unexcavated archaeological, notable and living social legacy properties supported in an amazing scene which incorporates ancient (chalcolithic) destinations, a slope fortification of an early Hindu capital, and stays of the sixteenth century capital of the condition of Gujarat.

The site additionally incorporates, among different remnants, strongholds, royal residences, religious structures, private areas, farming structures and water establishments, from the eighth to the fourteenth hundreds of years. The Kalikamata Temple on the top of the Pavagadh Hill is thought to be a critical place of worship, drawing in expansive quantities of explorers consistently.


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The site is the main complete and unaltered Islamic pre-Mughal city. The city has been given a ton of consideration by planner Karan Grover, who invested much energy and exertion in both attempting to bring to restore and enhance the state of the city, additionally help in the reclamation of Indian legacy.

Camp Dinosaur


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Camp Dinosaur, Balasinor is a great camp in the midst of sylvan surroundings with solid and customized administrations. The Camp is basic and charming that requires a flat out fun get-away. The spot is most appropriate for the recreation pioneers who need to settle down close to the transport station at moderate expense. This tasteful spot requires a restoring party wrapped with fine convenience, warm accommodation and agreeable climate.

Reasons To Visit:
• A Tented Resort inside the Garden Palace Balasinor
• 15 exclusive tents that are serenely enlivened and have connected showers
• Owner hails from Lucknow regal family and along these lines meals have a Lucknow legacy cooking touch
• Recommended for Offbeat getaway seekers hoping to investigate the field.

Via Train – Baroda 96 kms

Camp Dinosaur offers 15 nimbly outlined rooms that are ordered into Deluxe Tents and AC Rooms. Each tent elements an open verandah to sit and appreciate starry evening sky. There are fibre glass made bathrooms with advanced offices, shower territory, wash bowls and satisfactory supply of running water.



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Pavagadh is renowned for being a religious spot. Seen the remaining parts of some noteworthy human advancement whose vestiges were wrapped in the wilderness were obscure to humankind until five centuries prior. Pavagadh is celebrated for the Mahakali sanctuary which is thought to be kul-devi for some families and is gone to regularly. A few mosques, a couple of sanctuaries and a fortress are what the villa conveys forward from the past. The travellers can either climb somewhere in the range of 250 stages to achieve the sanctuary or can take the ropeway. The spot surely is lavishly created.

Places to stay in Pavagadh

Numerous inns are there which offers rooms at 650/day like Welcome Hotel Vadodara, Express Towers Hotel, Champaner Hotel, Hotel Mali, Shree Hari Hotel, Hotel Delight.

Places To Eat in Pavagadh
One won’t discover a considerable places of eateries close to the Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park, regardless of the way that Gujarat is very eminent for its stunning cooking. There are two or three eateries around 30 kms far from the principal area.

Step by step instructions to reach
Taxicab administration is accessible from Vadodara to Pavagadh with an assortment as far as estimating. The Vadodara to Pavagadh separation of around 40 km must be secured via auto. The go from Vadodara to Pavagadh via auto takes around 60 minutes.



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Life at Shantiniketan is guaranteed to be a rainbow. With all superlative civilities intended to convey the most elevated amount of solace and satisfaction, be set up to carry on with a lively way of life.

Situated at the up and coming zone of Bhayli, the homes are near the heart of the city, yet concealed at an entirely area to offer aggregate true serenity. Going to tiny points of interest of design arrangements; culminating space arranging with a bird of prey eye; jumping into each detail of each material utilized; utilizing artisans who go into the little parts of development and wrapping up. The outcome is flawlessness in each Sq.Ft.

They have confidence in pleasing people with homes that are significantly better than the rest, with a touch of class and aptitude. Through constant development, savvy arranging and incredible quality, we plan to be perceived as a cutting edge organization in the dynamic realty division.



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Reasons to Visit
• Malvan in Konkan Maharashtra is gone to for its unspoiled shorelines, homestays, and waterfront food and shore sanctuaries.
• The food of this district is prestigious and prominently known as Malvani cooking is the claim to fame of the zone
• Malvan disregards Arabian ocean and the region is prestigious for Dolphin sightings
• Tarkarli close Malvan has a Scuba plunging office set up by Maharashtra Tourism


Distance between Vadodara to Malvan is 933 km by Road alongside a flying separation of 695 km.



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Diu, a most looked for destination is popular for its unscathed normal engaging quality and supreme peacefulness and stillness. Diu Tourism has shown an outstanding development to appeal various vacationers who come here to appreciate the white sandy segregated shorelines and present a ton of chances for experience water sports. Situated close Junagadh in the Saurashtran Peninsula, Diu is an exceptionally famous weekend getaway for the general population who appreciate common excellence and are experience monstrosities. Diu appreciates a brilliant atmosphere, beautiful area and a quiet mood. In Diu Busses are the most well-known method for transport in view of its simple accessibility and wide system.

The distinctive sorts of transports that are putting forth benefits on this course are Non AC Seater, Sleeper Etc. In spite of the fact that there are standard administrations by government possessed transports, there are a few private administrators that are putting forth benefits from Diu to different urban areas like Bharat Travels, Royal express, Jay Khodiyar Bus Service and numerous more administrators.


Busses handle at customary interims from Vadodara to adjacent spots. Enquire about transport administrations and book transport tickets. On the other hand, you can do transport bookings for interstate transports like AC transport, sleeper transport, extravagance transport or Volvo.



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Arranged at a beautiful area, on the banks of River Godavari, the blessed town of Trimbakeshwar is a paradise for the travellers. The conviction is that the general population who visit this town once achieve salvation as it is thought to be a standout amongst the most hallowed towns in the nation.

It is likewise known as the holiest spot for the shraddh functions. The history buffs will discover the Gorkhanath Gufa of their advantage and will have a decent time seeing it. The Brahmagiri Hills, Neel Prabhat, Ram Lakshaman Tirtha and Kedareshwar sanctuary are the essential traveller destinations. The nature partners will need to visit this town as they can appreciate the tranquil scenes and the climate that excites everybody.

Distance between Vadodara and Trimbakeshwar
The aggregate straight line separation in the middle of Vadodara and Trimbakeshwar is 232 KM (kilometres) and 917.77 meters. The miles based separation from Vadodara to Trimbakeshwar is 144.7 miles. This is a straight line separation thus more often than not the real travel separation in the middle of Vadodara and Trimbakeshwar might be higher or shift because of bend of the street.

Vadodara to Trimbakeshwar travel time

Vadodara is situated around 232 KM far from Trimbakeshwar so on the off chance that you go at the consistent pace of 50 KM for each hour you can reach Trimbakeshwar in 4-5 hours. Your Trimbakeshwar travel time may differ because of your transport speed, train speed or relying on the vehicle you utilize.

Sri Aurobindo Niwas

Sri Aurobindo Niwas

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Sri AurobindoGhose, the immense artist, social and political mastermind, loyalist, educator, yogi and rationalist, Sri Aurobindo had lived for a long time in Baroda. Sri ArvindNivas was a private home built in 1890, utilizing red blocks and mortar. Aurobindo moved to this house in 1893 and lived here up to 1906.

This House is then called ‘ArvindNivas’, which has been created as a national dedication to him, and is being kept up by Sri Aurobindo Society Baroda. This house was under the ownership of Gujarat Government till 1971, and was being utilized by the top region authorities as their living arrangement.

On a solicitation by Sri Aurobindo Society, the Government gave over the ownership to it with a perspective to creating it as a perpetual commemoration to Sri Aurobindo, and for proliferating his teachings and goals all through the world.


If you are voyaging by means of auto from Vadodara and your destination is Shri Aurobindo Niwas Greens then it would take around 0 hour(s) 5 min(s); for you to achieve your destination. The street separation or driving separation in the middle of Vadodara and Shri Aurobindo Niwas Greens is 2 kms (1.00 miles).