Pavagadh:Escapades of a lone traveller


As Saturday nights are meant to be stress busting outlets with most of us, I particularly get travel or adventure pangs early Sunday mornings. Studying in Baroda gave me ample time and energy to indulge in such cravings as compared to working in a paper earlier where the time I got to myself I explored the art of cooking as travelling was a luxury on most occasions. So when I got a bright sunny Sunday to myself, I left early in the morning on my matt grey Deo towards Pavagadh.

The ride For Pavagadh

I have used the same mode of transport to Ahmedabad with three bags of laundry and my laptop bag and survived it so I was not dreading this one too. The 50 odd kilometres riding alone to a new destination was keeping my spirits on an all time high, magnifying the impact of the scenery that was passing me by on the Vadodara-Halol highway. After half an hour I thought of taking a quick tea break before heading any farther to savour in the offerings of the place. I ordered a plate of dalwada along my tea.

Pavagadh Architectural ruins

After the pit stop I rode again till I reached Champaner, a twin must see destination before heading to the foot of Pavagadh. Champaner with its archaeological park is referred as one of the World Heritage site by UNESCO in 2004. I wandered in the confines of this architectural ruins imagining about the inspiration or idea the builders in those time had behind making the marvel standing in front of me after centuries for me to decipher. The seven arch or saath kamaan built on the cliff of a hill is also exceedingly beautiful that I sat here in dismay. Being a model myself such places interest me in the good location category so that had me in various thought processes for while until I left from there to head ahead after clicking a gazillion images of the ruins.

Towards Pavagadh

I found a Dhaba at the foot of the hill and by the mention of a foodie friend I ordered a plate of aloo paratha, which was amazingly yummy and bit heavy on the price too. From there I thought of climbing the stairs and ditching the ropeway to challenge myself on such terrain. It was a 1 hour and 45 minutes of painful climb, but what keeps one going on this green grail the want of reaching on top. The breaks got bigger in between climbs and the panting seemed never ending until finally I got on top and witnessed the huge lake in front of me. The high of finding yourself amidst the marvels of nature is the purest and the most exhilarating one and lucky are the ones who get to feel it.

Every page I opened in the travel book has left me stunned and marvelled by the grandeur and not a single occasion disappointed me. I rode back tired trying to keep myself from sleeping, pumping my system with tea to get me home in one piece. The day was well spent with aching bones and a tanned face to put me into slumber right away. Ah! What could I have traded for that contended sleep, is the very thought that does allow me to rest whenever free and hit the road at the blink of an eye. Hail travel.

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