Tourist Attractions In Kozhikode

Kozhikode is a delightful city situated in the condition of Kerala close to the Malabar Coast. This spot is otherwise called Calicut and has assumed a critical part in the Indian history. Being a vital point for eastern zest exchange amid the medieval times, it was affectionately called the “City of Spices“.


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Today it emerges as a standout amongst the most went to vacationer spots due to its depiction of dazzling nature alongside extraordinary human creation. As of late in 2012, the spot was labelled as “City of Sculptures” as different figures are situated in the city.

A lavish green wide open with tranquil beaches, notable locales, untamed life asylums, streams and slopes make Kozhikode a well-known destination. The region has three unmistakable areas – the sandy, the rough good countries framed by the uneven part of the Western Ghats and the Lateritic midlands.

The Kozhikode travel guide helps a great deal in such manner by giving profitable data. This ocean town has a dynamic port with thriving exchange and business focus. The best places to get a sight into its history and common excellence are the Kappad Beach and Beypore Fort. A visit to the Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary is an awesome experience for the feathered creature watchers.

It is a house to more than 100 types of flying creatures. For nature sweethearts, the Thusharagiri waterfall, which is situated at a separation of 50 km from Kozhikode, is a flawless spot for a day trip or for excursion. Enterprise buffs can likewise trek this zone among flavour estates and thick evergreen timberlands. The travel guide Kozhikode gives a great deal of data with respect to this spot which is a guide to explorers.


Calicut was the capital of Malabar in the north of Kerala when Zamorins ruled. It was the Spice Capital and extremely prosperous. This pulled in non-natives who found the rulers well-disposed and tolerant. The Arabs were the first to arrive. They were trailed by Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch lastly the British.

The Arab impact brought on numerous local people to end up Muslims; accordingly the city is specked with mosques. It is said that the name Calicut originated from the hand woven material calico which was made here. Normally the city is called Kozhikode.

According to the certainties of students of history, the name was gotten from two words-koyil (castle) and kotta (post). The region was once encompassed by the post worked by its ruler, the Zamorin, who supported exchange with the Arabs by giving uncommon concessions. It was then when Kozhikode caught the creative ability of numerous trespassers. Middle Easterners used to call it by the name Kalikat; for Chinese it was, Kalifo, and for Europeans, Calicut (Kozhikode).

Right from its history to the way of life, everything is particular about Kozhikode. It is just in Kozhikode that a lady keeps on living in their tribal house while their spouses, visit them in night as it were. Truth is told in a few zones of Kozhikode, voyagers will locate some brilliant cross sheets all delineating about actualities and fiction. CSI Church, Pattalam mosque, and Commonwealth Spinning Wheel are a percentage of the conspicuous spots which ought to be seen on an excursion to Kozhikode.

A whiff of the historical backdrop of keeps on pervading in the road, markets and paths of Kozhikode. Aside from its spiritualist appeal, there is somewhere else here which draws in travellers to Kozhikode. Dolphin Point, Lions Park, and Marine water aquarium are the awesome spots that are justified regardless of a visit on a trek to Kozhikode. Couple of minutes’ drive from Kozhikode will take travellers to a shoreline where Vasco Da Gama initially settled his strides alongside 170 other men-Kappad Beach.

Fairs and Festivals:

The most imperative celebrations of the locale are Pooram Festival (March/April), Memunda (March/April), Vadakara (November/December), Kaliatta Mahotasavam (March), and Shivratri (February/March).

Best Time to Visit:

Because of its closeness to ocean, the spot has a hot and sticky atmosphere. Summer begins from March and proceeds until May. Greatest temperature recorded in the month of May is 36°C and least temperature recorded in the month of December is 14°C. Southwest rainstorm touches base in the principal week of June and normal yearly precipitation is 254 cm.

Spots to See in Kozhikode:

Thikkoti Light House
This Thikkoti beacon has its own particular centrality and has a history joined to it. This landmark is said to be based on the remaining parts of a wreck from a vessel which was observed to be destroyed at the rough ocean shore. The landmark is to a great degree lovely and extremely all around built and helps the general population to remember the mischance that occurred here years back.

Thikkoti Light House

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Review about place:The view from top is good the person who love should visit it in evening when light house is switched is good to see with lot of breeze.

Beyore is a little town situated in the region of Kozhikode. Prior this spot was known by the name of Vaypura by the locals; it was likewise named after the extremely celebrated Tipu Sultan as “Sultan Pattanam”. The town is exceptionally tranquil, quiet and unadulterated as far as nature and has a chronicled past as the town was one of the memorable ports where exchanging started in the middle of Asia and the Middle East.

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Review about place:I went early morning. More than a kilometre walkway into the ocean is occupied by joggers’ n morning walkers. Neat and clean. Good place for an hour or two. 12 km from railway station, take an auto. Autowalahs are very receptive in Kozhikode.

Kappad Beach
Consider strolling on the same beach where the well-known voyager Vasco De Gama set foot to enter India surprisingly? All things considered, in the event that you truly need to encounter the rush, the Kappad Beach situated in Kozhikode is your destination.

Kappad Beach

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This beach is wonderful as well as quiet. It is a quiet and clean place where you will basically love to be. Additionally, other than the long extend beach, you can likewise see a sanctuary arranged in a stone which is around 800 years of age. You are certain to become hopelessly enamoured with this beach. Local people call this stone studded beach as Kappakkadavu and this beach is the entryway to the Malabar Coast. Voyagers can achieve the beach by backwaters through the River Korappuzha.

Review about place: I have been to Kappad beach many times as I live not far fromthere. It is a nice quiet beach, with beautiful scenery. The resort is good too and the restaurant serves good food.

Kozhikode Beach
Do you get a kick out of the chance to invest energy around such a beach which has the scent of the old period? At that point this time set your compass to the bearing of Kozhikode Beach. This spot has assumed an essential part as a standout amongst the most imperative exchanging ports in Indian history. This beach is very well known among travellers from everywhere throughout the world. For its authentic significance as well as for its common excellence and peacefulness that pulls in explorers more than whatever else.

Kozhikode Beach

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Review about place:I loved this place with a bit of natural shade. Maintained well, with Street vendors all the time available for quick sip of coffee, milkshakes and byte peanuts. Good place for an outing with friends, family and kids.

VellariMala is a lovely place. The entire region is secured with rich green scenes and gives a pleasant perspective. It is a perfect spot for trekking, as the spot gives loads of courses to trekking. As a standout amongst the most went by spots, Kozhikode is a perfect excursion spot to visit, unwind and appreciate with your families or companions.


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Review about place:Nice Place to visit..

Payyoli Beach
Envision a long stroll on a beach which is peaceful, tranquil and delightful. Envision a beach which is bordered by the lavish green coconut trees. Envision a beach which is segregated from the group and helps you in spending some tranquil minutes. Indeed, in the event that you like the thought then packs your sacks to make your excursion to the Payyoli Beach, situated at a separation of 40 km from Kozikode.

Payyoli Beach

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Review about place:This is one of the best seashore i have ever enjoyed in India. It is shallow and flat seashore. You can drive your car in the beach and it was an amazing experience. The seashore is full of Coconut trees… It is a very long beach and very remote… You can spend couple of hours easily here.

Tali Temple
The Tali Temple was implicit the fourteenth century by Swami Thirumulpad. This sanctuary is one of the best attractions of Calicut. It is made with a striking mix of laterite alongside wood. Likewise, the rich confirmation of the Keralean design makes this sanctuary all the more stunning. This sanctuary is celebrated due to its design as well as because of its yearly celebration also.

Tali Temple

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Review about place:It is nicely located. Easy to get auto. Not crowded. No hassle. One can take as long as one wants to tray.

Thusharagiri Falls
In the event that you need to investigate normal excellence and enjoy enterprise, this is the spot to be. The Thusharagiri Falls has been a standout amongst the most looked for after visitor spots among voyagers over the world. This fall is arranged in the condition of Calicut in India and has a wonderful encompassing.

Thusharagiri Falls
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The fall itself is a wonder; however this spot likewise has something more to offer to the guests. One can without much of a stretch appreciate trekking in this spot. You can likewise entertain yourself with rafting. Additionally, there are sanctuaries which you can’t stand to miss.

Review about place: Scenic place to spend a whole day, there are 3 waterfalls, so we have to trek about 1 km to reach the top. You can take lot of pictures from there. It’s a cool destination for thrill seekers.

The most effective method to reach Kozhikode:

1. Kozhikode via Air
The vicinity of Karipur International Airport which is additionally called the Calicut International Airport situated at a separation of 23 km from the Kozhikode town tackles a great deal of issue of the guests on the best way to achieve Kozhikode via air.
2. Kozhikode by railways
The city has its own particular railroad station. It is all around associated with all the significant urban areas of the state. It tackles every single issue of the guests about how to achieve Kozhikode.
3. Kozhikode by Bus
There are customary transports from other real urban areas of the nation to Kozhikode.

Best time to visit Kozhikode:

1. Summer season in Kozhikode
Summers in Kozhikode are warm and moist. The greatest temperature amid the season is around 37 and 39 degrees Celsius. In spite of the fact that it is warm, one can visit the spot and can get included in flying creature viewing. Be that as it may, it is not the best time to visit Kozhikode.
2. Monsoon season in Kozhikode
June to September is the rainstorm season. The city encounters substantial precipitation in the season. To appreciate the celebrations and fairs of the city, one can visit the spot amid August and September.
3. Winter season in Kozhikode
From October to ahead of schedule February is the winter season. The atmosphere turns out to be extremely charming amid this time. The base temperature ranges to 15 degrees Celsius. It is the best time to visit Kozhikode for touring.

Accommodation in Kozhikode

Every year various voyagers visit this staggering district of South India. Subsequently, it has various very much kept up inns and visitor houses. One can get an extensive variety of hotels in the area at sensible expense. Simply achieve the spot and as per your prerequisite. You can get the right convenience according to your need easily here in Kozhikode.