Jag Mandir Palace -Udaipur

Have you visited the Jag Mandir Palace anytime in your life? If no, then note it down in your travel diary and head down to Udaipur in Rajasthan the next time you have holidays. It is one of the most preferred destinations for premium weddings and Royal outlook.

History of Jag Mandir Palace

Jag Mandir Palace is situated on Lake Pichola Island in Udaipur City of Rajasthan. 3 kings of Mewar have been instrumental in creating this palace. The construction was started by King Amar Singh somewhere around the year 1551, maintained by the King Karan Singh between the years 1620-1628 and then completed by King Jagat Singh I between the years 1628-1652. The name of the palace is given to honor the late King Jagat Singh.

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Mughal-Rajput Connection

Jag Mandir has a history behind it. Back in Mughal period, King Karan Singh had helped Emperor Shah Jahan when he needed refuge from his father Emperor Jahangir in Udaipur. King Karan Singh had built Gul Mahal for the Mughal emperor which was later renovated and renamed as Jag Mandir palace by his son Jagat Singh. After he became king, he gave back the annexed districts to Karan Singh in Udaipur as a goodwill act.

Structure of 3 Storied Jag Mandir

Now, let us move to the beautiful structures of the 3 storied Jag Mandir. It is worth to mention that the palace was first made up of small sandstone with a huge crown like dome with Islamic symbols on it.

There were 3 chambers, one above the other. 2 chhattris or umbrellas adorn the structure in a sloping way that connects to the interior walls. Of course there is also a legend of a throne in the palace that was said to be built from a single serpentine block. The throne is currently in oblivion. Before you enter the palace, you will come across 8 Elephants carved from white marble guarding the entrance to the palace giving the impression of guarding this beautiful island Palace. That’s Royalty!

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Residential suites

There are large residential suites, reception halls and royal courts inside the palace made up of Mughal and Rajput architectural designs. If you are lucky enough, you can also view the royal ladies chamber besides the palace, if the doors are open.

The Jag Mandir Palace Surroundings

We mentioned about Gul Mahal above. It is a structure surrounded by 4 statues of carved elephants on each side of the entry that stands on the Udaipur Lake. You can behold Garden Courtyard and the palace of the 12 stones, also known as the Bara Patharon ka Mahal along with Kunwar Pada Palace easily. You will find a pavilion at the entrance to the palace that is made up of white cusped arches.

Blooming Royal Gardens

Can a palace be complete without gardens? Obviously not! The royal garden has all kinds of flowers such as Jasmine, trees, palms, roses, verbena, etc along with fountains and pools. Currently, royal parties are held here which are hosted by the present king or Maharaja himself.

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Museums and Restaurants in the Palace

On your trip to this magnificent palace, you can also check out its museum where the history of this island and its Palace has been preserved. In the present date, the Palace complex also comprises a Darikhana Restaurant that serves lip smacking cuisine of Rajasthan. Jag Mandir Palace is a nice place to visit and explore the halls, where once the royalty of Mewar used to reside.

Of Guests and Events at the Palace

The guests include travelers, families, movie stars, celebrities, corporate executives and VIP’s. They can enjoy the Pichola Lake from the Picholi Bar and Darikhana Restaurant while eating royal food and sipping exotic drinks. Banquets, weddings, cocktail and birthday parties, folk dance, etc are organized here in Garden Courtyard, Kunwarpada Lawns and Kunwarpada Chowk. If you are a tired guest, head down to Panghat Spa and salon and have a relaxed day out. The palace gardens can easily host up to 5,000 guests.

Come to Mewar and experience King sized Royalty with your family.