Pelling – Mountaineer’s Paradise & Nature Lover’s Spot

Pelling is a small town situated in west Sikkim, is a spot to experience the magnificence of both Himalayas and Kanchenjunga. The unspoiled picturesque beauty of Pelling is unquestionably going to blow your mind. The snow covered mountains, cool atmosphere and the rich green alpine vegetation holds up to welcome its guests. Though it has started to get its due popularity with an increase in tourists in recent time, it is still a place less explored.

The place is rich in its customs, tradition; biodiversity will provide you the environment that you long in the city. It’s the stunning beautiful perspective of Kanchenjunga that draws significant fascination. Waterfalls, slopes, trekking, fishing and the soothing nature is sufficient to make people stay here and get a spirit enriching experience.

Visit: The best time to visit the place is from February to May and afterwards from September to December. Pelling is 115 km away from Siliguri and about 120 km from Gangtok. Regular jeeps and tourist buses are available in the early morning from Gangtok and Siliguri both. The closest airport is Bagdogra airport.

Trekking: Pelling forms the base for trek from Pelling to Kechapalari lake – Kechapalari Lake to Yuksum – Yuksum to Tashiding, the whole journey takes place in 3 days and is covered with small paths amidst the gorgeous forest and calm silent roads. Guides are available for nature walks and monastic trek; also one can find the maps on the same from tourism centre.


Must visit places:

Sangachoeling Monastery: A 16th century monastery is situated in a peaceful setting. One can reach there by walking through the hilly slopes. It’s a place to get engrossed in the beauty of the nature.

Rimbi Water Falls: Close to Darap village is the beautiful Rimbi river. Near to the waterfall, there is Karchen hydro electric powerhouse. You can try hands on fishing in the river.

Singshore Bridge: It is the second highest suspension bridge in Asia and one of the highest in Sikkim, an impeccable spot for bungee jumping.

Sewaro Rock Garden: The beautiful garden is a couple of km away from Karchen powerhouse. It is a picnic spot developed by dept of tourism, Sikkim. It has a swimming pool, cafeteria, flat stone footpaths, fountains and ponds. It’s a place where you can be yourself and rest a while taking a gander at the rocks.

Khecheopalri Lake: The shrouded beauty in the thick forest is a sacred lake, also called as wishing lake. It resembles the shape of a foot which Buddhist locals believe is the foot impression of goddess Tara. What will interest you much more is that the lake is constantly clean by the birds there who won’t let a leaf stay in it for long!

Pemayangtse Monastery: Pemayangtse means “perfect sublime lotus” is a 3 storied building having a huge collection of wall paintings and sculptures. It belongs to Nyingma-pa sec. You can see the religious dance “Cham” in the month of January-February.

Rabdanse Ruins: Around 10 km from Pemayangste is the Rabdanse ruins. Walking through the dense woods will take you to the place, from the top of which you can see the deep gorges and the Khang-chen-Dzonga (Kanchenjunga) ranges.

Darap Village: Also known as Therap, the village is home to Limboo people. The quiet and untouched beauty is situated on an altitude of 1600 metres. It is a home to many endangered and rare species of flora and fauna, with Khanchendzongna Biosphere Reserve just a walk away. The village is rich in its culture, tradition and natural resources. A visit to the village will open you to the modest lifestyle of the Limboo people. You can learn milking of the cow; get lessons on organic farming and can know more about the Yuma god from Yuma mediation centre.

People here mainly follow Buddhism and are cordial to give you a chance to feel calm. You can listen to numerous stories and learn more about Pelling and surrounding areas.

A placid destination for the lone travellers as well as families, soft and high altitude trekkers, Pelling offers the peace within. Visit Pelling to witness the imposing snow-clad Kanchenjunga ranges, striking mountains and the scenic green landscape, enough to make you experience passionate feelings for the nature by and by.