Best Places To Visit in Warangal District

Warangal otherwise called Orugallu, Telangana Nagaram and Ekasila Nagaram is a city and region home office of Warangal area in Indian condition of Telangana.

Warangal is found 148 kilometres upper east of the state capital of Hyderabad and is the regulatory home office of Warangal District. Warangal range is a blend of Warangal, Hanmakonda and Kazipet. Warangal is the second greatest city beside Hyderabad in Telangana.

With a few sanctuaries known for their exceptional engineering and awe inspiring history, known for their rock quarries made of blue stone, Warangal draws in numerous sightseers. Warangal Fort, spread over a range of 19 km in the middle of Warangal and Hanamkonda is truly and allegorically the greatest fascination of the city. Built in the thirteenth century amid the rule of King Ganapati Deva, the post is most well-known for its complicatedly cut curves and columns and four extensive stone passages.

The fortification’s noteworthy fundamental passage is made with four huge columns which have been extricated from one single rock stone. The stronghold additionally contains a sanctuary inside it which is committed to Mother Earth, Swayambhudevi. At present, the post lies in remains.


Warangal was the capital of Kakatiya kingdom ruled by the Kakatiya tradition from the twelfth to the fourteenth hundreds of years. The social and managerial qualification of the Kakatiyas was said by the acclaimed voyager Marco Polo. After the annihilation of PratapaRudra, the Musunuri Nayaks united seventy two Nayaks chieftains and caught Warangal from Delhi sultanate and ruled for a long time.

On the other side, we discover certain spots that have verifiable significance, staggering scene but then not on the top rundown on voyagers’ most loved destinations. Just few spots appreciate the best of both universes. They have normal magnificence, synthetic ponders and are generally perceived. Warangal has its own qualities being socially rich and favoured with plenitude by Mother Nature.

Best places to eat in Warangal

Eateries in Warangal serve both veggie lover and non-vegan nourishment. In spite of the fact that transcendently south Indian, a few eateries serve north Indian enchants as well. The mango pickle served in Warangal is a claim to fame and is presented with both vegan and non-veggie lover suppers.


The main spot where one can shop is Lepakshi Emporium. Here, you can get the best crafted works in the district which can be kept as awesome gifts. Vacationers like going to the city for the shopping energy. Much the same as different urban areas in the state, it is a customer’s heaven for guests. The fine craftsmanship things here are by local people of the town. One could likewise shop floor coverings, metal things, scroll artworks and numerous all the more such things. These Warangal’s fine covers are renowned in national and in addition global markets.

The spots that you can lean toward for shopping are KhadiGramodyogBhandar for fine Khadi things, Podduturi Complex for Lepakshi handiworks, Hanamokonda for fine metal things, Kothawada for Warangal Dharries, and Cherial, which is arranged 30 kilometres far from Warangal area at Jangoan for parchment works of art. Aside from all thee place, one can visit DWCRA Bazaar at Hanamkoda’sChowrasta.

If you have questions about spending your get-away at Warangal, you will find that your questions were lost once you venture into the entrancing area. Here are the main 12 spots to visit in Warangal that you have to incorporate into your touring arrangement.

1. Warangal Fort

Warangal Fort

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Warangal Fort fits in with the thirteenth century when it was built by King Ganapati Deva. The fortress was planned to be his second capital. The wonderful cut columns and curves add appreciation for the post. It is thought to be a standout amongst the most astounding illustrations of South Indian design. Ganpathideva appointed the working of the Fort in 1199 A.D and its finish was seen to by his girl Rani Rudrama Devi in 1261 A.D.

2. Thousand Pillars Temple

Thousand Pillar Temple

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The Thousand Pillars Temple is a memorable Hindu Temple where the living gods involve Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva and Lord Surya. The Kakatiya King, Rudra Deva assembled the Temple in 1163 A.D and the religious development gets its name because of it being made out of a thousand columns, all extravagantly cut. Noteworthy entryways, the previously stated columns and roofs with engravings make the Temple another of Warangal’s famous destinations. The vicinity of the Hanumakonda slopes out of sight adds to the visual excellence of the Temple. An immense Nandi Bull put at its passage is accepted to have been cut out of an exceedingly cleaned dark basalt stone monument.

3. Pakhal Lake

Pakhal Lake

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Pakhal Lake is a fake (man-made) lake arranged in the Pakhal haven near Warangal City. Accepted to have been developed in 1213 A.D by the Kakatiya King Ganapathidev, the lake envelops a range of 30 kilometres squared. An amazing, all-encompassing perspective combined with the possibility of investing hours in detached delight make Pakhal Lake a to a great degree well known retreat for sightseers. It is situated amidst flawless bumpy landscape and thick, lavish timberlands and serves as an outing spot for a large number of individuals around the year.

4. Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary

Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary

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The town Eturnagaram is a lovely place in Warangal, which is in the midst of thick woodland. It is considered as one of the amazing old havens in India. The wildlifesanctuary is misty with deciduous and quality teak woods. It even preserves numerous wild creatures like tiger, spotted dear, wolf, and so on.With waterway Godavari running near to, the haven offers amazing perspectives. You could detect some uncommon creatures in the sanctuary, which is one of the oldest asylums set up in the nation.

5. Kakatiya Rock Garden

Kakatiya Rock Garden

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Kakatiya Rock Garden is located close to the Fort temple. It is one of the famous vacation spots in Warangal. Rock statues of different creatures, for example, lions, deer and impalas are found here.

6. Kakatiya Musical Garden

Kakatiya Musical Garden

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Kakatiya Musical Garden is located close to Bhadrakali temple. It is considered as one of the most gorgeous Warangal charms. The 15 acres of land of greenery enclosure draw in sightseers in awesome numbers. The musical wellspring is a visual dining experience. Operated with the help of a PC, the musical fountain is the star fascination here.

7. The Bhadrakali Temple

Bhadrakali temple

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Devoted to the Goddess “Bhadrakali” is a valuable god of this district. Situated on the peak between the twin urban areas of Hanamkonda and Warangal with a counterfeit pool of 2 ½ kms sweep is one of the real attractions of the city. The fundamental fascination of the sanctuary is the square picture of the goddess (2.7 X 2.7 meters), an old Bhadrakali in sitting stance wearing a crown with eight hands, holding weapons. The happy event of going by this sanctuary is in the Telugu month of “Sravana” (August-September), when the divinity is enriched in different structures turning into noteworthy attractions to the fans. The encompassing mountain region of the sanctuary is produced into a consecrated one with around 8 noteworthy and 12 minor sanctuaries pulling in part number of lovers.

8. Kazipet


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The Kazipet railroad intersection is arranged at a separation of around 132 kms from Hyderabad and is 7 kms from the city of Hanamkonda. It interfaces North–South and East – West rail transport of the Indian Railway.

This spot is renowned for the ‘Green Durgah’ i.e. the tomb of Afzal Shah Biyabani, the Quazi of Warangal amid the season of Nizam Ali Khan AsafJah II. This spot is likewise popular for the Urs that is commended to pay tribute to Afzal Shah Biyabani from the 21-28th of safar, (June-July) when more than 10,000 Muslim enthusiasts from all over India gather. The Kazipet Durgah is the spot of visit for the Muslim Community as well as for different religions from everywhere throughout the Country. This spot is likewise noted for the Christian celebration of Lady Fatima.

9. Inugurthy


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Ingurthy an antiquated town of verifiable importance was under the principle of the Kakatiya Kings. A repository called the GuntiCheruvu store, which is said to have been built by Kakatiya Prola amid 1117 AD that can in any case be found in this town. The main Telugu week after week from Telangana, to be specific, the Telugu Patrika was altered and began from this spot for a few years.

10. Ramappa Temple

Ramappa Temple

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Ramappa Temple was built in the building style one of a kind to South India amid the Kakatiya guideline in the twelfth century. This sanctuary is venerated a ton by the Hindu group and is thought to be the best blessing to its future eras by the Kakatiya Kings.

11. Padmakshi Temple

Padmakshi Temple

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A sanctuary, committed to Goddess Padmakshi, going back to mid twelfth century houses occasion of some impeccable engineering and a column that accumulate about itself much interest by its guests. The Annakonda Pillar, a quadrangular column remains at the passageway of the structure.

12. Sri Veeranarayana Temple

Sri Veeranarayana Temple

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Sri Veeranarayana Temple, an antiquated sanctuary worked around 1104 AD, is an exceedingly loved sanctuary situated at Kolanupaka in Warangal District. This hallowed place encases Sri Veeranarayana, who is thought to be an incarnation of Lord Vishnu as the fundamental divinity.

The different traveller places in Warangal district of the social wealth and plentiful natural magnificence. Each spot here helps you to remember its verifiable past. Have an incredible time enjoying the visit for your eyes and your benefit.

Best places to stay in Warangal

Warangal as a few spending plan and mid-range settlement choices. Summers can get entirely hot so it is prudent to register with an aerated and cooled room.

Because of its monstrous fame Warangal appreciates among travellers, convenience in the city can be troublesome if not dealt with in advance. Financial plan inns that charge up to Rs. 750 for each room are accessible consistently. Nonetheless, it is not fitting to benefit of these amid the mid-year because of oppressive warmth that Warangal encounters. Special rooms cost around Rs. 1,200 for a room, and numerous such abodes can be found in the region of the Warangal Fort. Extravagance Resorts are an option for those willing to spend around Rs. 3000-4000 every day. Web access in the rooms, a swimming pool and a multi-cooking eatery are a portion of the elements one can involvement in these extravagant resorts.

Best time to visit Warangal

The atmosphere state of this place is normally damp and warm. There is no such time when the climate turns out to be truly chilly nevertheless vacationers come to visit this city with incredible energy. The best time to visit Warangal is from October to the month of March.

Atmosphere in Warangal

1. Summer season in Warangal
The temperature of Warangal’s summers ranges between 20°C to 40°C amid the time of March to May.
2. Rainstorm season in Warangal
Warangal’s rainstorm comprise of the months from June to September. Overwhelming deluge and solid winds are the indications of this season.
3. Winter season in Warangal
The months from December to February shape the winters here. The atmosphere condition is exceptionally charming with temperature shifting between 13°C to 32°C.

Step by step instructions to reach Warangal

Warangal via Air
The adjoining air terminal of this spot is Hyderabad International Airport. To touch base at the airplane terminal you need to cover a separation around 140 km from Warangal city. Being the capital of Andhra, Hyderabad has immaculate availability with significant spots in India and outside the nation as well. There are general flights from Hyderabad to Trivandrum, Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi.

Warangal by railroads
Warangal has its own particular railhead that likewise interfaces Chennai and New Delhi. It is all around connected with other significant Indian urban communities. The trains are continuous and accessible in every one of the classes, in particular super-quick, express and traveller.