Kuchesar- Be a Royal Guest!

Kuchesar has a long tryst with history. This town in Bulandshar district of Uttar Pradesh has been famous for traditional Zamindari and princely rulers during the Pre-Independent era. The area was heavily under influence of Jats, Marathas, Sikhs and Rajputs.

What is interesting for the tourists is that the famous Kuchesar Fort also known as the Mud Fort has now been converted into heritage hotel and is currently known as Neemrana group of Hotels. Visitors can take the advantage of staying in a palace for some days and be treated like a royal guest. A perfect weekend gateaway!

Choosing between Suites in the Palace

Now let us talk more on the hotel accommodation and the luxuries thereof. Visitors can book a King Suite (Maharaja Vilas), the Queen Suites ( Rao Vilas and Raja Vilas) and the royal guest rooms.

King Suite-Live Like a King

The King Suite is dedicated to the last Rao of Kuchesar-Rao Bahadur Rao Giriraj Singh. The guests in this suite will luxuriously use and enjoy the kingly spacious interiors and a bathroom, the precious crafted imported tiles and a private swimming pool.


Get Pampered Like a Queen!

The Queen Suite has a wide balcony that overlooks outside to the fields and the natural sunlight. The interiors are crafted in gold and crimson with each corner a secret witness to the moods and joys of the queens who stayed here.


Relieve the Royal Days!

On the other hand, Raja Vilas queen suite is all covered in green and blue colors. It is a perfect location for a nice weekend atmosphere. Prince Kunwar Ajit Singh, the present ruler of this palace spent his early days in this palace. As the room opens into the courtyard, you can see a stunning bed in the center of the room with wooden legs with a good height. You will have to take the help of low stools kept on each side of the bed to get on the bed. That is royale!


Now, you will wonder what are the other features that we can enjoy while staying in this palace, right? Every guest to this palace can enjoy playing cricket, badminton, billiards, a dip in the swimming pool and lot more.

I am surely going to this place again in December to enjoy the royal ambience. Wanna come with me?