Ramashram Temple in Kannauj – Dedicated to changing people spiritually


The Ramashram temple is a temple or an ashram situated in Mathura in Uttar Pradesh. It was established by ‘Guru Maharaj’ or Dr. Chaturbhuj Sahayji. The ashram was built to invoke feeling of spiritualism among human beings in their daily life.

The main ideal of this ashram is that people should follow their duties and not impose themselves on anyone. The aim is to change oneself so that others will be changed.

Current status of the Ramashram temple and people’s visit to the temple

This ashram is now the headquarters of Ramashram Satsang Shyamnagar. People who visit this place receive the peace and calm of the place and feel a spiritual upliftment in their minds from the stress. Meditation is practiced every morning and evening for 20 minutes. This place is situated in a natural environment where people can experience peace at ease.

The distance from New Delhi to Ramashram is about 277 km.

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