Baghmundi : A halting place for Lord Rama

I have been staying in Raghunathpur since long; almost I have spent my entire life in the village. So, travelling to nearby picnic spot for was quite obvious for me. Baghmundi is a small town located in the foothills of ayodha pahar. It is situated in the range of Dalma pahar in Purulia district of West Bengal state. Chou dance musk is my favorite show at the place at charida village. The place is nearly a 60km.away from Purulia district. However, the nearest railway stations are purulia and barabhum.

Mythology associated with the place Baghmundi

According to the mythology of Hindu’s lord Rama and Sita spent sometime during the period of exile. At the same time Baghmundi well known for its natural extravaganza.
Boarding and travelling
Basically my nearest station is Adra, but I prefer to catch up some local train to Purulia. Buses are available frequently baghmundi from purulia bus stop. As far as boarding is concerned, hotels for example, sadar lodge, guru lodge, hill pointlodge etc. are normally available at the customer’s perusal.

Attraction Near Baghmundi

People of baghmundi are very crazy about festivals and cultural events. Events such as murga lorai [cockfight], chhau dance and local folk songs at tusu parab shiber gajan, chata parab are simply exquisite. Mansa pooja [Worship of goddess manasa, adevi ruling snakes and reptiles] is one of the most famous festivals of this region. Delicious sweets for example, khaja and goja [made of maida/ fine wheat flour, sugar and ghee or refined oil], jilapi [made from rice and wheat lentil flour, ghee or refined oil and sugar] and mithai [made from gram flor], gud pitha, gargara pitha, aska pitha [made from rice flour] and many other casino traditional recipies are religiously made on these festivals.

Ayodhya pahar at Baghmundi

Ayodhya pahar is a part of Dalma pahar, popularly known for the learning mountaineering and rock climbing. Gorgaburu is the highest pick of ayodhya pahar. There are two prominent routes to ayodhya pahar one via jhalda and another via sirkabad. You would also find a forest rest house to stay back and have in the middle of this wonderland. Localities often climb up to ayodhya pahar on budha purnima [a full moon day] to perform hunting of wild animals and also is a habitat some rare and beautiful birds. Visitors can easily watch the wild animals like elephant, wolf, wild pig, cheetha, peacock, bear, deer and variety of different types of birds never seen in the locality. Tourists may also enjoy dams and lakes situated Purulia Pumped storage established ayodhya pahar. September to march is the best time to visit here. You may have spiritual retreat by visiting the temple of lord shiva placed in the forest

Charida village – Face Mask Village

Chirda village is known for the face masks of chhau dance. It is a kind of dance performed by the male dancers of local community with the tune of traditional musical instruments played by the musicians of dancing group. Most preferable instruments are madal [cylinder drum], sehnai, dhumsa [large cattle drum] and kartal or char chadi. This dance is performed mainly during the regional festivals, like mansa pooja, tusu parab, gajan, rasmela and mostly in spring season on the occasion of chaitra mas [month]. The traditional chhau dance is performed on the theme of local folks, episode from Ramayana and also from the episode of Mahabharata. Emotions and actions of episode is shown by different body parts by jumping, rolling, thrilling and by movement of mask and hands. This dance is mainly performed at night in an open ground at chhau dance asar or akhada. Now chau dance is getting popular in national and international dance stage with the help of state government.

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