Aogashima Volcano-Japan

Who would like to live inside a volcano? But people actually do. The volcano in question is Aogashima Volcano in Japan.

The Geography of the Aogashima Volcano

The Aogashima volcano is a volcanic Japanese island near the Philippine Sea. The island is managed by Tokyo, the capital of Japan. It is situated about 358 km from the south of Tokyo. Also, it is one of the most isolated islands in the southernmost part of thelzu archipelago.

Aogashima Volcano

The Island is known for its double volcano known as Aogashima where a small volcanic crater is situated inside a large volcanic crater. It is 3.5 miles long and 2.5 km of width. Tourists can easily camp on the volcanic plains for some days. The whole of this island comes under the Fuji Hakone Izu National Park. This island volcano is believed to have been emerged from the sea. The large crater of the volcano ranges in height from 200 Mt. to 420 Mt. The highest spot on the island of its outer crater is above 430 meters above the sea level.

Population at the Aogashima Volcano

The Aogashima village has a population of close ; scorpio monthly horoscope – GEMINI: They are compatible sexually, but this is far from being all. to 200 people. Children, leave the island to study at the mainland after they attain maturity. This island is one of the beautiful nature spots in Japan that makes it a perfect vacation destination for the tourists. Interestingly, there are only 2 ways, you can travel to this island and the volcano-by a boat and helicopter.

The Guide to the Volcanic History of Aogashima Volcano

The volcano is still considered to be under active class C volcano list. The average temperature goes from 10*C to 30*C.

The last volcanic eruption of this volcano took place in the year 1785, which took the lives of more than 135 people. However, even in these unpredictable conditions, 200 people reside in the volcano which can go live any moment. A sharp steep cliff surrounds the island that makes it dangerous to travel without a guide. Tourists who love adventure can come here to relax and let their hair down.

Activities at the Aogashima village

People can indulge in fishing, scuba diving and hiking or trekking around the green forest covers. There are hot volcano springs to visit with family and children. Before the recent helicopter services started, ration and other items used to be transported by boat. The helicopter services for a round trip can cost anywhere from $125 for the tourist from Hachijojima to Aogashima

Speaking of the local food, people can cook their own food by using the local geothermal steam in their cooker to cook. Food can consist of fresh vegetables, eggs and potatoes, local herbs, sushi, sashimi etc. It is seen that people new to this region often get lost in the area due to the lava rocks around the locality. The local people are seen to be friendly, helpful and calm to tourists.


Travelling to the Volcanic Village

For people who want to stay for some days, the accommodation can cost about $ 50-95 per night in the area known as Ikenosawa Fumaroles. There are no restaurants on the island

The weather is rough sometimes, making it difficult for the boat or ferry to cross over. It takes about 3 hours on an average for the boat to reach up to the volcano from Hachijojima. Helicopter service as mentioned above, operates once a day.


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