Travel Survey: 83% Of Tourists Plan To Go On Holidays This Summer 2014

A survey conducted by the famous online travel website ‘’ indicates that close to 83% of  15,000 respondents they interviewed plan to go on a holiday this summer 2014. In spite of this, a 9% drop of tourists is expected this year compared to last year 2013.

Holiday travel budget and packages

The survey found out that usual travel budget for the Summer 2014 travel would vary between Rs 25,000 and Rs 50,000 per person. The majority of the respondents preferred to go for only 5 to 10 days of holiday. The survey also claims that travellers are willing to spend on holiday getaways and packages than before.

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Domestic promotions pay off

The Yatra survey revealed that number of travellers choosing air travel has also risen by 7% from last year. This signals that the sales promotions by domestic low cost airlines did affect the overall travel plans of an average Indian traveller.

Choice of destinations

The survey found out an increase in number of respondents planning for international travel. And, Thailand is still the most sought after destination, followed thereafter by Europe and the UK. Destinations such as Middle East, USA, Africa are also being considered by the travellers. Domestically, summer destinations like Kashmir, Ladakh, Goa are top choices for summer vacations this year.

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Relaxed and quality vacations

The survey further says that in-spite of a 6% increase in travellers who opt for adventure holidays, 41% of them plan for a relaxed holiday while 15% of them are considering spending quality time with their loved ones on a summer gateway.

Shed off the extra baggage

There has also been a change in Indian travel thinking. The survey found out that close to 50% of the travellers now prefer to travel light without excess baggage. They prefer to travel light by carrying only 10-15 kg in contrast to the 8% of travellers who go beyond the 20 kg baggage.

Booking options

Travel is incomplete without booking. About 59% of travellers choose online booking. At the same time, about 21% of them feel that they feel anxious by the vast information that the internet provides about travel and thus prefer the traditional travel agents. Technology is also being used as 11% people book via mobile apps.

Inspired choices

But what inspires travellers to choose destinations? The survey found out that movies such as ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ and ‘Queen’ amidst the Hollywood movies influenced them to choose locations such as Kashmir, Paris and the like.

With increased spending budget every year, it would be fun to see where the Indian Traveller chooses to go 3 years from now.

Where are you planning to go this summer?