Share your journey

Indian Travelers is an attempt to share knowledge of travelling. We might find so many travel portals but all of them are just informative & very poorly personalized. Our attempt is to keep it human. Lets People know what you enjoyed, how did you reach, why did you go at that place and other things.

Are these real travelers?

Yes, most of these blog posts are written by users who have visited this place personally. We want you to share real information about place. By inviting various people to write about location, information you get will be latest and up to date (most of the time)

is this a commercial website or promoting any travel company?

No, we do not promote anyone. So if someone has put link on content it is definitely worth watching because it will be relative and helpful to travelers.

Why you want us to share journey?

There are so many people in the world who will hesitate to ask someone while travelling. Many people are usually scared of visiting unknown place just because they do not know what this place is about. Sometime people miss the right place to visit and regret it when they get to know about that amazing missed place. So if you can share your journey.. It will help travelers to plan accordingly and can make their life better.

Can I promote my travel blog? Or put a link of my travel blog?

Yes, if you have something helpful for travelers, your link for that blog are welcome.. We will be happy to allow you link about travelling. But make sure that you are helping travelers by placing that link, not just promoting your business.. Else we will remove link without any notification to you.

Where can I send my blog?

At this moment please share your journey on