Museums In Jodhpur

Jodhpur is postcard perfect place. With its beauty intact in the heritage and the background of the sand dune, the small city has its charm in the humble people who proudly have a part of their existence in the bygone era. Let alone the architecture, the cuisine and the music speak for itself; Jodhpur is […]

Museums in Jaisalmer!

The beautiful rustic feel of the yellow sandstone, the far and widespread Thar Desert, the live and enticing live music, the nights that looks different under the sky and the people so gentle and humble. Jaisalmer, the beautiful city situated in the heart of Thar Desert is covered with a rich history and depicts the […]

Museums in Bikaner

NRCC Bikaner: Camels are an inseparable part of the desert region. ‘The ship of the desert’ as it is rightly called as because of its strong resistant to the susceptible arid and semi-arid region. Camels have been an incredible part of the journey in the desert areas and now also are a part of the […]

Museums in Kutch

What is better than being at a place that is rustic & earthy yet has countless colours in its culture, tradition and casts a spell through its beautiful vibrant artwork? Kutch has more to present than the white bed of the sand; its heart filled with love and warmth and the culture so intense and […]

Museums in Rajkot!

Rajkot is the capital of Saurashtra region and an emerging industrial hub. It’s also the largest district and has contributed to the Indian national freedom struggle significantly. Britishers had constructed many impressive colonial buildings and one of them is the Watson Museum. The museum offers a deep insight in the culture and history of Rajkot. […]

Museums in Baroda

Baroda is the Sanskari Nagri of Gujarat. A cultural, educational and industrial hub, the place never fails to impress you with its poised and calm environment. The city has been home to the royal family of Gaekwads, who have contributed to the two world-class museums. Let’s read about them in detail: Baroda Museum and Picture […]

Museums In Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is a land of the museums, as it may be truly called because of the number of museums in the city and that too with a wide variety of subjects that are interesting and unique. Here I have listed the popular ones that are worth a visit. Sabarmati Ashram: “This is the right place […]