Essential Mobile Apps to Have While Travelling In India

Winter is knocking the doors of India. Soon, people will make plans to travel all over India with their families. Some will face ticket issues and other travel hiccups, while some smart ones will not. Why? Because they take the advantage of technology by downloading some travel apps that can help them before and during the travel time. Let’s have a look on some of them.

1. HolidayIQ India

This app claims to be the country’s largest travel and holiday information source. It provides valuable information about more than 28,000+ Indian hotels and 1000+ attractions. The users can search for any location with a specific budget and address. The app has good UI and simple navigation pictures for the end users. Check it out for sure.                                                                             Source:

2. Sacred Indian Places

The app is developed by Lets Nurture team and is ideal for people who wish or are going to travel in sacred and holy destinations in India. With more than 4,000 installations, this Android app has been a favorite of elderly and adults. With information of Temples, Mosques and Churches, distance between the station and the destination, nearby transport and yes map routes for you, this app is simply irresistible not to have.

2                                                                          Source:

3. Maps of India: Travel Guide

Do you prefer to travel in flights when you travel? Then this app is for you. Receive all flight details by selecting the source and destination alongside the date of your travel and there you are!

4. Indian Railway Train Alarm

Do not be anxious or panic if you have booked a train for your journey and are unaware of the latest information. Download this app and be in loop of the train status, ticket status. Write down your PNR details and swiftly receive your train status with schedule as well. Look into the schedule in the absence of the internet also.

5.Indian Rail Info App

This is another app where you will find all information on Indian railways like trains, PNR status, Train searching, seat availability, arrival and departure, fares and seat upgrades. All in one stop.

Indian Rail Info App                                                                

6. Auto-Taxi Route and Fare Finder

If you are in any of the metro cities of India and want to know the taxi route and their fares, then quickly download this app. The cities that you can take the advantage of are: Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Kolkatta. Receive updates on night fares, waiting charges, etc on your finger tips.

7.India Cab Info

If you want to ride in a cab when you are in a major city of India, use this app and receive the service in only few minutes. Save yourself the lengthy process of searching online for local transports and the roaming charges as well.

8.MaymyIndia ShowNearby

Now find the nearest petrol pump, theater, restaurant, ATM, shopping places with this app and save a whopping time. This app is India’s first geo-coded local business source that covers extensively on all brands with the help of GPS location.


Next time, we will present specialized iOS apps for travel. Guarantee!