Top Travel Movies to Watch This Season

Who does not like to watch movies? Almost everyone does. And what can be better for regular travelers and backpackers than to watch a travel movie and plan out their next destination? Today, we bring you some of the well-acclaimed movies that will make the travel bug bite you in your holidays.

1.The Beach

This movie is ideal for instinct based trippers who want to travel anywhere with only limited packing on them. The movie shows the main character backpacking in Thailand on the famous Phi Phi Island alone. The film is a favorite about young students who love wandering. People learn a thing or a two about checking out new destinations from this film. Of course, we will not divulge the film story here. Watch it for Leonardo Di Caprio! Yes he is the lead in the film.

The beach


It is the dream of almost everyone outside the continent to travel in Europe once in their life-time. A travel film is expected of humor, good pictures, landscapes and a pictorial description of basic culture, local people and food, information, etc. This film has it all. A film for youngsters just out of school and raring to score something big!

3.Into the Wild

Another film for backpackers and nature lovers! If you love to explore mountains and the wild, then this is never to be missed film. It is written and direct by Sean Penn. Of course, you don’t have to take big risks in the wild like the lead actor does in the film, but you can surely and safely explore the unexplored with some guide’s help and information along the way. Some adventure please! It has also been nominated for Global Globe and Academy Awards.


4.A Map for Saturday

You at one point in your life must have wished to quit your job and travel around the world for some time right? Yes, of course, everybody does. This is a travel documentary of a person who does exactly the same as mentioned above by quitting his job. It shows how people around the world travel, with baggage, without baggage, with and without money all by themselves! Surely this film will connect with you on a personal level for sure. As someone says somewhere,” You are always already well set, but the only person who can stop you from doing things is self fear and that is YOU!” Watch it to believe it.

5.Darjeeling Limited

Any travel film mention is incomplete without India and surrounding regions. Darjeeling Limited has done just that. The film revolves around 3 rich brothers who decide to head to India. They are on crossroads with each other and each is fighting personal demons within! The film takes one to local India and the scenic Darjeeling landscapes without losing on the plot. The film is very beautiful, classic, healing and humoristic. The lead actors or brothers are Owen Wilson, Adrien Brody, and Jason Schwartzman. It was written by Anderson, Schwartzman, and Roman Coppola.

6.  7 years in Tibet

This movie of Brad Pitt came several years ago as he plays a man who converts from a spoilt brat to a humble human being when he goes to Tibet and meets the Holy Dalai Lama. The cinematography takes one to the Andes, China border, the Himalayan Mountains and some nice soul searching dialogues. No Angela Jolie here, but some nice direction.

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7. Wild

The film revolves around a woman who has just lost her mother to death. She decides to travel across the US on more than 1,000 miles without any pre-travel experience. The film takes one around Cascade Mountains and Sierra Nevada and lonely roads with almost no vehicles. Watch it for sure.

Download these movies, while we bring to you some more updates on the movies.

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