Travel News- The Usage of Smart Phones by the Travel Industry

Every individual needs a mobile or more necessarily a smartphone in today’s times. It is all the more required when they are planning to travel somewhere or when they are actually travelling. Yodel Mobile, a mobile marketing agency has come up with more interesting stats on how a mobile is used in the travelling sector. Let us see some findings.

Percentage of Device Users vs. Desktop Users

It is reported that close to 64% of mobile users search for holiday websites with their devices. This is statistically more than 58% of users who use desktop computers. 53% of Tablet users make more travel related purchases online as compared to just 41% of smartphone users.

Now, let us look at which travel companies, people trust more to plan their travels.


British Airways most Preferred for Search

It is seen that British Airways is on the top ranking mobile sites that gets more than 936,000 visits a month, while Easy Jet is on the second position with 825,000 site visits.  Ryan Air gets only 3, 72,000 site visits.

The CEO of Yodel Mobile, Mick Rigby said “ A mobile helps travel brands to connect with consumers from wherever they are, at whichever time and research about travel plans, holidays and flights etc”.

British Airways

Other Interesting Travel Statistics

The further findings suggest that:

Clients in the UK prefer Thomas Cook as their first choice for inquiries on travel with numbers suggesting 756,000 mobile visits to the website. The search timings for the travel related news imply that peak travel search is mostly done on Sunday evening or Monday lunchtime. It was also seen that people like to spread the news about their travel to their friends, mostly by the mediums of Facebook (25%), SMS (24%) and Phone (14%) in addition to other ways.

It would be interesting to see that about half of mobile owners who search about travel related news make online purchases related to travel. It is also notable that 52% of people from the Far-east searched more on travel online, compared to their counterparts in the USA and Europe that amount to 40%.

Women’s Travel Finds Compared to Men

Now, let us observe how women fare in comparison with Men when searching online for travel.

About 47% of women who used a smartphone between the age of 45 to 54 years searched for travel information compared to only 32% of men with same age.

Women travellers

The Smart phone user statistics found that Tuesday mid-afternoon (3 pm) is the preferred and best time to find a low cost airline flight.

These findings, thus advocate that technology has been effectively used by people to search about travel on online websites, with women more eager to travel than men. These statistics have been until December 2013

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