5 main areas for PG accommodation in Vadodara

Vadodara is a very cultured city, people also call it “Sanskari Nagri” and it’s all because of the wonderful people who live in Vadodara. This is a city where people extend their hand forward when they see someone in trouble. They will always talk to you with respect and a smile on their face. Every city speaks for itself, the kind of city you live in it is you who actually makes a name for that city.

People migrate from one city to another with numerous reasons. For some it can be job opportunity or business and for some it can be education. But whatever be the reason, moving and finding an ideal place to live within your budget is a tedious task and the major one too. On the top of it the area should have easy access to the city.

Paying Guest is a headache to find hence let me make it simple for you, here are some of the areas which you can probably look for in Vadodara.


This is an area wherein you can access more than 5 areas in just 5 to 10 minutes’ drive. The malls, shops, cafes are really nearby. It’s a peaceful and semi rushed area. Mostly residential societies can be witnessed rather than commercial ones. The perfect place to spend your peaceful weekend at.


This area is the heart of Vadodara. You can reach the railway station and bus stand very easily and if you are lucky enough, it can be walking distance from your home. Being the heart of the city, this area is commercial and residential. It is considered as one of the posh areas of Vadodara. So if your budget allows you to get a PG in this area, well don’t miss a chance. Best hotels, restaurants and cafes are situated in this area.


If the purpose of your PG is education, this is the best area for you. The best public university is situated here. This university has numerous courses and hence they have numerous students due to which the area is more inclined towards paying guest and hostels. Considering the market need and people around, the shops are also related to the same purpose. Food, juice, café, stationary shops, etc are all surrounded making it an easy access that is again walking distance.

Old Padra Road

This area is again half commercial and half residential, with wide open roads and cafes and restaurants easily available it also has some of the good boutiques and stores to shop if you want. The access to railway station is quite easy but one thing that you have to worry about is the traffic. It connects easily towards the old city and atladra. It is one of the posh areas of Vadodara. Every kind of meal offers and commute is quite easy from here. Life gets a bit happening here.

New VIP Road

If you have to travel a lot through flight and you are always on the go, this is the best area for you. As the airport is nearest from this area this is a residential area with a food court open throughout the night. The areas near to it are fatehgunj, sama, karelibaugh and harni. It is more of a peaceful but lively area. Living in this area gives you all that you need.