Brazil FIFAWorld Cup 2014-Visa Process for Indian travelers in Brazil

The year 2014 has arrived and so has the opportunity for the football crazy fans to travel to Brazil for to attend the 2014  FIFA world cup. The last time, the country had hosted the world cup was way back in the year 1950.  Brazil has won FIFA the World Cup 5 times.

Indians, who are die-hard fans of Football, will surely be taking their chances to apply for the Brazil tourist visa to go and support their favourite teams, as well as visit the famous places and locations in Brazil. The FIFA World cup will start from June 12th 2014 and end on July 13th 2014 with a schedule of 64 matches to be played in total. The opening game will be between Host Brazil and Croatia.

Tips for Indians to Apply for Brazil Visa

The Indians would surely be thinking of applying for the Visa to go to Brazil and view the World Cup. Here are some tips for them to apply for the visa process to Brazil.

->Get your passport ready and updated

->Be informed about all the latest developments on the Government visa changes for Brazil

->Talk to experts or consultants who specialize in applying and registration process for Brazil visa

-> Have the latest Personal passport photos ready

->Have the necessary ID and address proof documents ready and available

->Talk to friends who have earlier travelled to Brazil for the necessary arrangements and requirements

-> Make a list of budget hotels in the places that you plan to travel in Brazil

As such, the ticket application process for the World Cup has already started on the FIFA website portal, explained in an easy way. A lottery system has been in place where the 3 million tickets are given at random to those interested in the big event.

The Documents Required to be Submitted for the Brazil Tourist Visa

The Tourist Visa for Brazil is known as Vitur. It can personally cost an individual with Rs. 1,600, but if they apply through third parties, it can cost them close to Rs. 3500 after adding the visa fee and the processing fees. Generally the documents that are needed while applying for a Brazil tourist visa application process can be:

->An original Indian Passport with at least 6 months of remaining validity

->1 or 2 passport size photographs

->Visa Application form, duly filled out and signed

->Bank statements of past 6 months or 1 year

->Valid ID proof documents (Driver’s license, Address proof, Government ID card)

->Necessary medical vaccination certifications

->A purpose letter addressed to the Brazil Embassy explaining the trip purpose, dates and the necessary details

->Hotel booking documents if any

-> NOC from present employer if any

->Copy of the Football ticket event

->Copy of the round-trip ticket

->Means of support documents if needed in the country

->Online application confirmation document for the event

As is the rule, once the visa has been granted, one must enter the country (Brazil) within 3 months.

The rule also requires all Indians to get their birth certificates stamped by the Brazilian consulate in India.

It is necessary to check if any more legal documents are required to be submitted to the Brazil Embassy. One can stay in Brazil for a maximum 180 days in a year.

Visa Extension Process

As is the experience of people who have applied for the Brazil tourist visas earlier and have got through, the process is very efficient and the visa gets processed in a week after the documents get submitted in the consulate office. For people who may want to extend their stay in the country, they are required to apply for an extension at least 15 days before the visa expiration for an additional 90 day period in the Brazil Consulate.

The Brazil embassy accepts only Visa fees and other required fees in the form of a Bank Draft that may be addressed to: Embassy of Brazil-Consular, payable in New Delhi. To know more about the process of applying personally or through a third party, one can visit the website: Http://

The address on which Indians can apply for a Brazil Visa is as under:

Embassy of the Federative Republic of Brazil
8, Aurangzeb Road, New Delhi-110021
Tel : (11) 23017301

Visa Submission Time : 0930 to 1100 ( Monday  to Friday)
Visa Collection Time : 0930 to 1100 ( Monday To Friday)

Consulate General of Brazil
Unit No 113 & 114, Free Press House.
11th Floor, Free Press Journal Marg,
Nariman Point. Mumbai-400021
Tel : (22) 22832267

Visa Submission  Time : 0930 to 1300 ( Monday to Friday)
Visa Collection Time : 1400 to 1700 ( Monday to Friday)

So, be all set and apply for your Brazil Visa in advance and book your events tickets to avoid missing some matches.